10 best sci-fi movies everyone should watch

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Almost everyone likes to watch Sci-fi movies these days, and they are capable of bringing us to places and situations that we would never imagine. We know that there are many types of films: comedy, adventure, apocalyptic, or superheroes, among others. But today, we are simply going to bring you a selection of those that you can find on Netflix and watch them quietly staying at your home.

Have a look at the list of the best Science fiction movies:

10- Annihilation

It is a sci-fi psychological horror film. Lena is a biologist who, after her husband’s disappearance, embarks on an expedition to a mysterious area and surrounded by the United States government.

9- Bright

Bright is basically a tired buddy-cop film dressed up in unusual trappings. Two policemen, an orc and a human, will fight together despite their differences to protect a young elf who bears a mysterious relic.

8- The Cloverfield Paradox

A ship is in the middle of an expedition when strange and inexplicable things begin to happen. What they don’t know is that because of an experiment they have done, the Earth could disappear.

7- Looper

Looper is a 2012 American sci-fi action movie. This futuristic movie is about time travel, laws, and murders. The problems begin when the protagonist, a hitman, is charged to kill his future self.

6- Push

In a world where people with powers exist, a Division is responsible for imprisoning and drugging them to experiment with them, but Nick will try to fight them and put an end to these villains. 

5- The War of the Worlds

If you like movies about aliens, this is yours as it is about an invasion of the land and how a father will fight to save his children. Also, you can see Tom Cruise in all its splendor.

4- Without limits

The movie is about legendary runner Steve Prefontaine, Eddie is a writer who does not do everything well and decides to take a pill that multiplies the capabilities of his brain, letting him to do extraordinary things.

3- World War Z

World War Z, in which a pandemic of the walking dead threatens the Earth and Gerry, an ex-United Nations employee, has to return to the service to try to help solve the matter. Are you going to miss Brad Pitt?

2- iboy

A teenager wakes from a coma, realize that he is able to control the electrical devices around him because of an accident, fragments from his broken mobile embed in his brain.

1- Doctor Strange

A 2016 American superhero movie, based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. Dr. Strange has a car accident that leaves him unable to use his most precious asset: his hands. In the search for a cure, he will find a slightly strange alternative.