10 Celebrities who accompanied their fans to their prom

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What’s better than going to prom with your crush? Go with a celebrity! These 13 celebrities agreed to be the dance partners of their admirers and fulfilled the dream of fans.

It’s a nice touch, not only because they are people they admire, but because they took the time in their busy schedule to make their fans feel special. 

10. Kylie Jenner

Albert Ochoa invited Kylie to his party when his girlfriend left him days before graduation. After all, he had nothing to lose.

The celebrity wanted to experience what was a normal day in the life of every boy since she did not have the opportunity to live certain experiences.

9. Khloé Kardashian

Khloé and Narbeh have met on social networks. They have been friends for years, so when he invited her to prom, she did not hesitate to accept because she never went to a school party because she studied at home.

8. Drake

Imagine that Drake is your cousin, and accompanies you to your graduation and that, also, he lends you a white Rolls-Royce that will take you to the luxurious after that he organized for you and your school friends. That happened to Jalaah Moore!

7. Juju Smith-Schuster

Anthony Molinaro became a fallen soldier before graduation because his girl left him. But he had an ace up his sleeve and invited the football player who even dressed like the student to match.

6. Kellan Lutz

Since we saw the Twilight, we can’t take the idea of ​​attending our prom with a sexy vampire out of our heads. Brianna Maria got the best couple: Kellan Lutz, who plays Emmett Cullen.

5. Taylor Swift

In 2008 Taylor gave MTV program Once Upon a Prom and Whit Wright a chance, who had recently changed schools and had no one to attend prom with.

4. Rihanna

Once Upon a Prom also made Richard’s dream of having Rihanna as his dance partner come true on one of every boy’s most special nights.

3. Vanessa Hudgens

For César Guerrero, who was fighting cancer, there was no bigger dream than going to his graduation at the hands of Vanessa Hudgens. Thanks to the charity The Art of Elysium, the big night came true, and they were able to meet, dance, and have a nice time.

2. Dwyane Wade

When former basketball player Dwyane Wade received an unusual invitation from a fan, Nicole Muxo, to be her graduation date, he flatly refused. But it was all part of a plan to surprise her at the party.

1. Demi Lovato

A promise is unwavering, especially if you make it to your best friend in kindergarten. When they were little, Nolan Nardecchia and Demi promised to go to the prom together, and although their paths separated, the singer kept her word, and even her boyfriend Joe Jonas sent them a Rolls-Royce to be transported in style.