10 Celebrities who appeared in Disney movies and you didn’t remember

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Some actors and actresses captivated with their characters in different films, after a while, they disappeared entirely from the screen, or are still in the art scene but are not remembered for their initial roles.

Some rose to fame for participating in Disney movies, but time did not remain in the memory of movie fans.

Here is a list of the 10 Celebrities who appeared in Disney movies and you didn’t remember them now

10. Poppi Monroe and Annie McElwain

Rivals in double play no longer act; Monroe is a wine taster, and McElwain is a renowned photographer.

9. Kimberly J. Brown

Famous for playing Marnie in the Halloweentown movie saga, this girl continues in the acting world and has her own YouTube channel.

8. Kirsten Storms

The protagonist of Zenon: the girl of the 21st century, currently appears in the General Hospital series, one of the longest-running programs in Hollywood. She is the mother of a girl. 

7. Chez Starbuck

Chez rose to fame in the movie Triton, whose plot focuses on a boy who discovers at age 13 that he is the son of a mermaid. He currently lives in Texas with his wife and daughter; He said he would have liked to start acting in small roles and not in such a famous protagonist.

6. Brandon Baker

The protagonist of Johnny Tsunami is no longer engaged in acting and now lives in Colorado.

5. Alana Austin

The girl participated in the movie Risk X-tremor as Andrea, a twin sister who had to replace her brother in a motocross competition. Currently, she is no longer an actress and is in love.

4. Lindsey Haun

The actress who starred in the drama The color of friendship is still acting and has a morning talk show.

3. Spencer Breslin

You Wish! (TV Show 2003) Spencer Breslin as Stevie Lansing. He is currently dedicated to music, and he put aside acting.

2. Kay Panabaker

Danielle’s sister in a teenager’s Diary is no longer engaged in acting; She is now a caretaker in a zoo. 

1. Danielle Panabaker

The protagonist of Trapped in the suburbs is still an actress in the series The Flash; is married.

Tell us in comments, do you remember any of them?