10 Celebrities who are children or grandchildren of celebrities and you did not know

Many celebrities are not only joined by work; their fans or their millionaire bank accounts, but it turns out that several of them are also family, and you didn’t know it.

On BuzzFlicker, we collect the most interesting information from your favorite celebrities and show you more about their family tree, especially their “unknown” grandparents.

10. Charles Chaplin and Oona Chaplin

The actress known for her role as Talisa Maegyr (wife of Robb Stark) in Game of Thrones, is the granddaughter of the iconic Charles Chaplin. Her mother, Geraldine Chaplin, is also engaged in acting.

9. Abraham Lincoln and Tom Hanks

Famous for starring Cast Away and Forrest Gump, the actor is a distant cousin of the seventeenth president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln’s mother bore the last name Hanks, which relates her to the actor’s mother.

8. Marlon Brando and Tuki Brando

Tuki is the grandson of actor Marlon Brando, who participated in The Godfather. Contrary to his grandfather, the young man decided to devote himself to modeling.

7. Anne Gwynne and Chris Pine

Pine takes the performance in the blood since his grandmother was one of the first women to make roles in horror movies. Chris is known for his performances on Star Trek, Wonder Woman, among others.

6. Nelson Mandela and Zoleka Mandela

Zoleka is a granddaughter of Nelson, who was president of South Africa and an activist who fought against discrimination; she is a writer and also helps people; She is an ambassador to the United Nations Organization after her daughter died in a car accident.

5. Herbert Henry Asquith and Helena Bonham Carter

The well-known Bellatrix Lestrange in the Harry Potter is the great-granddaughter of H. H. Asquith, who was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom between 1908 and 1916.

4. Charles Dickens and Harry Lloyd

Viserys Targaryen, the evil brother of the dragon mother in Game of Thrones, was played by Harry Lloyd, who is a great-great-grandson of the famous novelist Charles Dickens. 

3. Clark Gable and Clark James Gable

Clark James Gable was an actor, model, and television presenter; He was the grandson of the Oscar-winning actor for Best Actor, Clark Gable.

2. Janet Leigh and Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis is the daughter of Janet Leigh, who was an American actress, singer, dancer, and author.

1. Minnie Riperton and Maya Rudolph

Actress and comedian Maya Rudolph is the daughter of singer and songwriter Minnie Riperton.

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