10 Celebrities who died before finishing their last project on screen

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Death knows no wealth, colors, fame, social status, or pending projects. There are several cases of celebrities who were replaced, or whose films and series were left unfinished because death knocked on their door in full shooting.

In memory of them and their great artistic work, we show you 10 actors and actresses who gave memorable performances without knowing that it would be the last time they would.

10. Cory Monteith

The Finn Hudson in the Glee series died at age 31 from an overdose. His death delayed the recordings of the following season.

9. Brittany Murphy

When filming Something Wicked, the actress died at age 32 from pneumonia that was complicated by an overdose.

8. Heath Ledger

Although everyone remembers his work as the Joker in Batman: The Dark Knight, the actor was filming The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, where he died at age 28.

7. Luke Perry

He died at age 52 from a massive stroke. The producers of the Riverdale series had to put an end to their Fred Andrews character as they were not willing to replace him.

6. Paul Walker

He gave life to Brian O’Conner in 6 films of the Fast and Furious. Ironically, he died in a car accident, and his death delayed the premiere of the film. Advanced technology was used to bring it to the screen in a farewell scene.

5. Aaliyah

She died in a plane crash, the singer had filmed most of The Queen of the Damned and had begun recording some scenes of the sequels of The Matrix.

4. Andy Whitfield

The protagonist of Spartacus died from lymphoma. The series ended two seasons later, and nobody replaced his Spartacus character.

3. Brandon Lee

He died in 1993 during the recording of the film The Crow by a real bullet. His father, the legendary Bruce Lee, died 20 years earlier in equally strange circumstances.

2. Philip Seymour Hoffman

He was found intoxicated by medications in his department when he was acting in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay 2 as Plutarch Heavensbee.

1. Richard Harris

The interpreter of Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets died before the premiere of the film due to terminal cancer. Michael Gambon replaced him.