10 countries you should travel to before you turn 30

View of canal in Amsterdam, Holland. Amstel river, canal, and bicycles.

It is always said that the real enemy of travel is that we never have time and money at the same time. When we are young, we have the desire, time, and enthusiasm to travel the world, but not money, and when we finally have money, we are older, we have more responsibilities, and we are more tired. So the moment you have to look for it, you will never have the perfect conditions.

These are ideal trips to carry out when you are young, but of course, if you are over 30 years old but as a child spirit, do not hesitate to enter the adventure.

10- Thailand

The reason why you have to visit Thailand when you are young is because it is an incredibly affordable adventure destination. In the hottest time, you can travel as a backpacker for about 35 dollars a day, with accommodation and food.

The first destination you should go to is Bangkok, for the reasons you can imagine and because it has delicious and very cheap cuisine.

The streets are full of street food stalls and backpackers enjoying a good beer.

9- Italy

Italy really has it all. Art, culture, beach, mountains, gastronomy, friendly people, and plenty of drinks. It is also easy to visit several cities in a few days, but of course, you must have the energy for all that.

It is a country that you will fall in love with more and more. No matter what type of trip you want to do, in Italy you will get it.

8- Netherlands

It is a perfect country for youth. No doubt museums are his forte, but of course, there is much more.

You definitely have to go to Amsterdam. Given the legal prostitution and drug culture, many think it is not the right destination; But nothing further. Amsterdam is a truly charming and livable city. Brick buildings, beautiful canals, and delicious cuisine. What more could you want?

7- Peru

The road to Machu Picchu is tough, With elevations of more than 4,000 feet, the younger you are, the better.

Even if your destination is Machu Picchu, do not forget to visit Lima. Although Machu Picchu can be reached by train, the ideal is to do it on foot. The best way to explore Peru, impressive, beautiful, and historically very important.

6- France

Without a doubt, on your first visit to France, you should go to Paris. In this city, you can immerse yourself in the cultural diversification of each district, the neighborhoods that make Paris unique and inspiring. Climb the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and a walk along the Seine, and then visit Lyon, the second-largest city in France.

5- Mexico

Mexico offers everything a young person can look for. An endless summer, with parties on the beach and adrenaline at night.

Mexico is diverse, beautiful, and rich in culture. Youth is the ideal time to enjoy fresh beers on the beach, to get into their indigenous culture, or to visit the Mayan and Aztec communities.

4- China

There is no other place in the world that has these cultural and geographical riches.

Start your trip heading to Beijing, where you can enjoy the centenary complex of the Forbidden City in the city center. After spending a day of sightseeing on the Great Wall, go to Shanghai, China of the outside world, on a high-speed train. Finally, take a flight to Yunnan Province, where landscapes, friendly people, and excellent food await you.

China is not for the weak. Its main cities are beset by air pollution, deafening noise, and enough neon signs of competing with Las Vegas.

3- Belize

It is one of the most beautiful places in the world to dive. After landing at Philip W Goldson International Airport, in Belize City, take a boat directly to Caye Caulker.

The small island is a refuge for backpackers from around the world, as well as a convergence between tourists and locals, where the culture of the Caribbean embraces the whole world. 

2- Vietnam

The rugged terrain of Vietnam is not suitable for delicate, but no country in Southeast Asia has its history and landscapes.

You can start with Ho Chi Minh, the former capital of South Vietnam, rent a motorcycle and go beyond the French colonial buildings and the colorful food stalls.

1- Tanzania

To climb Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, you need a couple of lungs, so it is better to be young.

The place you should go to is Kilimanjaro International Airport. All tour operators are located in nearby cities — ideally, research before choosing. The routes usually last between 5 and 9 days, depending on which one is selected, and anyone with an acceptable condition can do it, although it is true that physical ability and youth help.


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