10 Dresses to be the cutest bridesmaid at your friend’s wedding


When your best friend, sister, or cousin gives you the news that she is getting married, it may take months to imagine the dress you wear to look gorgeous at the event; It must be an outfit that highlights your beauty and attributes to look spectacular.

There are many options, it all depends on your tastes and what makes you feel comfortable. If you don’t know what to wear, these options will probably help you choose the best outfit to make you look amazing at the ceremony. We have created a list of 10 most beautiful dresses that you would love to wear.

10. Original and modern

If you want to see yourself at the last shout of fashion, choose a dress with satin texture (smooth and shiny). If the wedding is at night, take it long.

9. Classic and bright

This dress will make you shine the whole night of the party. Black is a symbol of elegance.

8. Casual and featured

A fluorescent dress is an option indicated to capture the attention of the gentlemen in the event; use it in pink, yellow, or orange. Not only is it a casual trend, but it is also a formal one.

7. Sensual and tempting

If you want a slightly more daring style, a dress with a back neckline is the best option; There are a variety of openings (in V, crossed, straight), you just have to choose the one you like most.

6. Tender and feminine

If you like to squander tenderness, choose a stick pink color for your outfit: you’ll look lovely!

5. Waxed and shiny

These types of dresses help make your waist look smaller, and your bust looks big.

4. Dreamy

Try using one on the wedding day; You will look like a fairytale princess.

3. Charming and attractive

If the word that best defines you is glamor, run to buy a dress in gold or silver.

2. Hot and sensual

If you are in hunting mode, the best alternative is a super sensual outfit with necklines and bust.

1. Semiformal and dark

If the wedding is from a distant relative or your best friend’s family – semi-formal – wear a short dress, preferably black.


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