10 Famous actors who almost lost their lives in the filming of movies

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When things don’t go exactly the way they’re supposed to on the set, some of our favorite stars can end up paying a painful price for such a situation. With that in mind, we have made a list of the most memorable occasions when it all went wrong, and stars were seriously injured on set.

Have a look at the 10 Famous actors who almost lost their lives in the filming of movies

10- Matthew Fox in Lost

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During one of the fighting scenes of Lost, the actor was hit with a real knife. A failure of the production equipment and special effects that almost cost him his life.

9- Halle Berry in Catwoman

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The actress insists on doing all the action scenes she can, so she has enough fight wounds as a reminder of her films. In Catwoman a head wound was made, in Cloud Atlas, a foot was broken, during Gothika, she broke her arm and almost killed during the shooting of Die another day. 

8- Viggo Mortensen in The Lord of The Rings

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After four shots in which he had to kick a helmet, director Peter Jackson asked him to do it once more. The latter caused two toes to break. 

7- Margaret Hamilton in The Wizard of Oz

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The actress in charge of acting as an evil witch in this movie classic burned her hands and part of her face in a scene where things did not go as they should.

6- Jason Statham in The Expendables

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Stallone was not the only one who was injured during the recording of this film since his partner Jason Statham almost drowned. In the scene, he was driving a car in which the brakes broke, and his car fell into the water. He left without a scratch.

5- Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future

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The actor almost died hanged in the third film of the saga. He insisted on taking the shot without a stool to support him, and the director was slow to realize that he was not acting but was really dying. 

4- Jaimie Alexander in Thor

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While recording this superhero movie, the actress suffered a lot of injuries, from scratches and injuries to a hernia on her back, including a dislocated shoulder and damage to her vertebrae.

3- Jackie Chan in Armor of God II – Operation Condor

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We all know that he did all the fight scenes, so it is not surprising that during this film, he suffered a severe injury that forced him to undergo cranial surgery. 

2- George Clooney in Syriana

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Few know that the actor almost died because of an injury he suffered in his head recording this movie. The injury followed him for weeks until one of the doctors realized that he had a stroke.

1- Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge

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It may not seem like a dangerous movie, but the truth is that the actress broke her bones during the recordings, specifically during a dance scene.