10 Famous Celebrities, Who Were Unrecognizable Under Their Makeup

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In the cinema, magic and post-production of special effects can make a very famous actors that we are tired of seeing in Hollywood is not recognizable at its last premiere. We show you today the actors who hide under some of the most makeup and hidden characters in the cinema

10- Jaylah – Star Trek

The French actress Sofia Boutella has been slowly conquering the hearts of the public, what few know is that she got into the skin of Jaylah for the Star Trek saga.

9- Tia Dalma – Pirates of the Caribbean

Naomie Harris got into the skin of this character of Pirates of the Caribbean that has remained for the memory.

8- Lisbeth Salander – Millennium

She lost a lot of weight, cut her hair, and did the piercing for this role that has enshrined her as a great actress.

7- Mad Max: Fury Road

Many were not able to recognize Charlize Theron, but some did not realize the significant change of the actress for this role in Mad Max.

6- Mystique – X-Men

The model Rebeca Romijn has gotten into Mystique’s skin many times while shooting the movie. 60% of her body was covered with makeup, and it took 9 hours to complete.

5- Auggie – Wonder

It has been one of the most emotional films of 2018, and the role of Jacob Tremblay is responsible. He is the little one who hides under this character and spent an hour a day in makeup to achieve that look.

4- Marlene McFly – Back to the Future II

The actress Michael J. Fox played in the same film the leading role and also her daughter in the future, although not everyone noticed at that time.

3- Griphook – Harry Potter

It is impossible to recognize actor Warwick Davis in this role under so much makeup. It took an average of 3 to 4 hours to give it that look.

2- Enchantress – Suicide Squad

She left the fashion world to move on to acting, and nothing went wrong. One of the highest-grossing films she has been in, Suicide Squad, where she played the villain under kilos of makeup and special effects.

1- Joker – The Dark Knight

This movie gave him an Oscar, and he doesn’t miss us because he has been the best of his career. A pity his premature death that stole great Ledger films.