10 famous scary movies that you probably didn’t know are based on real events

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The worst thing about horror movies is that it can’t be without the scares, the blood, or the monsters. And if someone gets to know the fact that they are based on real events is enough to frighten a person more. And while thinking that these stories have really happened is something disturbing.

What scary movies are based on real events?

10- The Exorcism of Emily Rose

One of the most controversial movies on this list. It is based on the true story of Anneliese Michel, a 17-year-old girl who died after a year of exorcism. While the church states that it was exorcised, many claim that it died from dehydration and malnutrition, due to the negligence of parents and the church.

9- The Amityville Horror

Based on the events that occurred in 1975. It tells the story of the Lutz family, who had to leave the house due to paranormal activities. The previous year, the DeFeo family was killed there.

8- The Conjuring

This film is based on the real experiences that Warren’s spiritualists had to suffer to help families who suffered from demonic dominations.

7- Annabelle

It is based on the Annabelle doll. A doll bought as a gift from a mother to her daughter in the 70s. Because of the attacks, the doll was making, they asked for help. The doll is currently in a museum.

6- The Entity

Based on the real events of a girl who said an invisible entity abused her. Many doctors claimed that the girl was mentally healthy, so they didn’t lock her up. She died in 2006 beset by the entity.

5- An American Crime

Based on the true story of Sylvia Likens, a girl who was tortured by Gertrude Baniszewski and her family. In one of the most tragic cases of torture in Indiana.

4- Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

This movie is about the true story of Henry. A serial killer that killed 11 people. The film was heavily censored due to its brutality.

3- The Exorcist

Based on the true story of Roland Doe, a boy who was forcefully subjected to an exorcism.

2- Zodiac

Based on the killer of the Zodiac, he was never caught for his crimes.

1- Chucky

Yes, it seems strange that the film is on the list, but it is based on the story of Robert Eugene Otto, who, after buying a doll, received constant harassment of it. All doll owners claim to have seen him moving or even trying to kill a girl. That doll is currently in a museum.