10 fantastic tricks to train your brain and be smarter

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Success is something we all look for in life, but neither your legs nor your heart is what leads you to it. It is your mind that really drives you because it generates your thoughts and even your emotions. Therefore it is important to consent and train it to avoid the bad plays that sometimes make us go, such as calling our ex or self-sabotage in an exam.

By having absolute control over our brain, we will be able to increase intelligence levels, getting a better job, higher income, and avoid diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

1. Play to win

Researchers at the Sports Institute in England discovered that changing the way we think about our performance makes a big difference.

For example, saying: “I hope you don’t lose” will give you negative results; on the other hand, when you affirm: “I am here to win,” everything will be more flattering.

2. Pay attention around you

Studies show that paying attention changes the way the brain responds to stress. That is why the military has begun to teach the soldiers and thus gain better control over their brains, which will help them respond less anxiously to difficult situations.

3. Visualize yourself at the top of success

A mental image has a profound effect on the way your body behaves, and some studies show that, regardless of your skill level, you can achieve your goals just by visualizing yourself.

4. Talk to yourself

Many will believe that you are losing your mind. However, there is no one in the world better than you to know what you are looking for and need. Review in your mind again and again the thousands of possibilities you have in any situation and make the right decision.

5. Dare to perform new activities

When you experience new things, you stimulate your brain. Therefore, avoid the routine, change your route to school or the office, even trying a new recipe will make great changes.

6. Exercising also helps your brain

Being on the move is essential to increase your intelligence since each exercise you do helps generate new cells in your brain.

7. Try to train your memory

To achieve this, you can start with small things like memorizing songs, your closest friend’s phones, birth dates, or addresses.

8. Increase your curiosity

The best way to get your curious side afloat is by asking yourself where certain products come from, what they contain, and so on you will begin a cycle of curiosities, questions, and answers that will activate your brain.

9. Try to stay positive

Stress and anxiety kill neurons and prevent the creation of new ones. Therefore think positively.

10. Eat healthily

Remember that we are what we eat. That is why it is important to maintain a healthy diet since your brain receives 20% of the nutrients you consume.