10 Fashion trends that we will regret in a few years

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In the fashion world, there are certain clothes, styles and attitudes that should never have happened: Crocs with socks, huge Fila sneakers, lip fillings or tiktoks . But what can we do against them? These are the trends that we will regret in a few years.

1. The Kardashians are to blame for these shorts 

Especially Kim. She was the one who started the fashion of wearing cycling shorts with other bulky clothes such as jackets and with long boots, sandals and even with stilettos.

2. Kylie style lip fillings

We know that Kylie became a millionaire thanks to her beauty products since hundreds of girls wanted to have lips like hers, but let’s be honest, not everyone does well with huge lips.

3. Succulents style

In recent years people have been decorating every corner of their home, work and even car with succulents, having a variety of plants. Perhaps when we are older, we ask ourselves “Why were there so many cacti around me?”

4. The huge and monstrous tennis

Those sneakers make anyone feel ashamed! Of course, there are exceptions and many girls like them.

5. Crocs with socks

The Crocs are already scary, why would someone wear socks? Well, Ariana Grande did it, and now other girls will copy her idea.

6. All eyebrow trends

Why not just leave them alone! We have already seen that they deform them in a thousand ways and the eyebrows should always be arched and ready, end of the discussion.

7. XXL nails

In recent years the trends of nails and eyelashes suggest that the longer they are much better, but some people are faithful to the “less is more”, especially when it comes to nails.

8. The viral challenges

Since 2018, it’s all about viral challenges. People constantly have to compete to see who does it best.

9. Exaggerated makeup

In a few years, people may regret having used so many layers of makeup, contour and shadows, just as many today regret having used lipsticks in copper tones.

10. Stilettos with socks

This type of shoes should only be worn with stockings or simply without them — end of the statement.