10 Gifts that your boyfriend will appreciate more than a bear or a letter

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When Valentine arrives we panic because we don’t know what to give, we think of giving flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals or a letter, but let’s be honest, it’s not what our partner expects, especially if he is the type of guy who hates cheesy. But just break your head, here we will give you a few tips for both of you to enjoy this day.

With these ideas, be sure that your boyfriend will be more than happy and will thank you with all his heart that you don’t fill his room with balloons and photos; These are 10 gifts nothing cheesy for February 14.

1. Coupon

With a coupon book he can choose the gift he likes best, it can be from a movie trip to candy, so you won’t have to worry about anything.

2. Pizza!

No one could refuse a delicious pizza, right? If you want to give it a plus, add fries, rest assured that you will enjoy it to the fullest.

3. One bottle is never too much

We are talking about a drink with alcohol. It can be whiskey, vodka, beer, tequila or beer. You can customize the label with a cute message.

4. A trip

Invest that money in a small weekend trip. It can be on a beach or a small city. Both will enjoy this idea, and the best thing is that they will create beautiful memories.

5. He needs a shirt from his favourite team

Almost all men are obsessed with some sport, be it soccer, baseball, basketball or football, so be sure that you give him a shirt from his favorite team, and if he has his name on the back, It may break him in tears.

6. Tickets for a concert!

If he has a favorite band, then you have to buy those tickets. You will surprise him.

7. Take him to dinner

But not to a very expensive or very pompous place. It can be a fast food corner, a taqueria or the place where they had their first date; We assure you, he will love the small details.

8. Give a video game

If he’s a gamer boy, then give him that game he’s always talking about. In case you can’t find it, there are also accessories for the consoles such as headphones, steering wheel for racing games, controls or a case to store portable Nintendo.

9. Clothes are a great gift

You have to observe his style very well and investigate his size to know, which will be the best option. 

10. Candy, candy, candy

If you do not have much budget then resort to giving a box of candy, he will enjoy them for several days.