10 Ideas to Treat Your Mother Like a Queen This Mother’s Day

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Mom gives us her love, attention, and affection every day, so she deserves a day full of affection, surprises, and of course, many hugs, right?

Maybe you already have the gift and the cake ready, but she deserves much more, how about preparing a spa day, a special breakfast, a movie marathon? They would be the perfect plans, but if you still have no idea how to celebrate it, here is a list that will help you make May 10 (mothers day) the best day of all.

10) Breakfast in bed

Mom wakes up early every day to prepare the family breakfast, and it’s only fair that on Mother’s Day, you are the one who surprises her with a delicious meal. You can look for some healthy ideas or, well, prepare the classic: hotcakes, orange juice, fruit, and yogurt. The important thing is to take her to bed and pamper her.

9) Movie marathon!

Going to the movies is always a very good option; However, this year the celebration has to be different, you know, because you have to stay at home, so a good option to replace the departure is to choose different movies that you can watch in the comfort of your sofa.

8) Picnic

To surprise Mom, you don’t have to leave the house or spend money. You just have to take out a plaid blanket, prepare some delicious snacks, uncork a bottle of wine, and go to the backyard for a picnic. Take advantage of that time to remember the best moments you have spent together or just to have a nice chat.

7) Spa day

Another way to pamper mom is with a homemade spa. You can prepare different masks to put them on and that she has fresh skin, paint her nails with her favorite polish, massage her back and shoulders, and then makeup and make a nice hairstyle. The important thing is that it is a moment of relaxation so that she forgets all tension.

6) Rearrange the garden

If she likes flowers and spends much of her time caring for them, then a good option is to give her different plant seeds and help her plant them. Before, make sure you know which ones are her favorites. This is an excellent activity for them to work and spend time together.

5) Give her a nice gift, made with your hands

Remember when her face lit up after you handed her a necklace made with shells in kindergarten? It’s time to relive those great moments, and now that you have free time, you can create a cute photo frame made by yourself and with recycled materials, or you can also knit a nice sweater, or decorate her favorite space. The ideas are endless.

4) Give her a card

Writing a card with everything you feel for her or thanking her for everything she does for you is an excellent option, and the best thing is that you won’t have to spend because you can make it with materials that you have at home. You just have to let your imagination run wild.

3) You can make her a dessert

Bring out your cooking skills and make a delicious dessert to tell her how much you love her. You can make a delicious jelly or cake that does not need to be baked. 

2) Clean the house

Be assured that there is no more exciting gift for her than seeing her house totally clean and free of any dust; after all, she works hard every day to make it look flawless and shiny.

1) An afternoon of games!

If you want to spend a pleasant time in the company of that woman who gave you life and her time, then you can play different things: mimicry to guess the movie or song, a board game, karaoke or whatever you can think of. The important thing is to make her laugh.