10 Items You Should Throw Out For Instant Happiness

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I recommend a few things to you, I am going to leave you this list of 10 things that you should throw away today, not because I want to force you to throw your memories or anything similar, I simply invite you to unhook things that will change your attitude, you can’t imagine how much such simple change will help you. 

1. Your shopping tickets.

If you already paid for everything, throw it away at that time! Enjoy your things, and do not remember how much money you spent on them. Just take benefit of them.

2. The clothes that no longer fit you

Don’t get frustrated by your weight! You are beautiful anyway. Buy new clothes and if your old clothes don’t fit you, give it to someone who needs it.

3. Full notebooks or diaries

They can be agendas, work or school notes, or your writings in a tough period of life. Leave the past behind, forget it! Focus on what is coming, and although sometimes you want to recover those notes in your mind, strive to start something new. It will fill you with much satisfaction!

4. Your books and notebooks from school or university. 

Almost everyone has stored notebooks with drawings or full of notes. What you learned from all those is inside you. Don’t always keep them. Life is enough that will give you the best lessons.

5. Everything you have from your ex

It does not mean that you have to hold on to the past, but this will help you to take a new start in your life. Run and find out.

6. And from your ex-friend.

It’s hard to forget your ex companion, but personally, I think it’s harder to end a long-standing friendship. Do not hurt yourself, if you think it ended up, detoxify yourself from bad vibes and keep the memories that make you happy.

7. Old cell phones.

We all have them, including the chargers. You’re not going to take phone numbers or photos from there, are you? Just sell them or give them away.

8. Your old underwear.

We know you love those mickey undergarments, but there comes a stage where investing in underwear is extremely important. Empower your body, feel sexy, comfortable with yourself. You’ll love the change, I promise.

9. Old makeup.

Don’t keep hurting yourself. Please throw it away so you can buy new things. Those varnishes that have oil, throw them away, that mascara that you don’t use, throw it away, that hair cream that is ten years old, throw it away. You will have a much cleaner bathroom, and you will feel really good doing so.

10. Old teddy bears.

Don’t throw them away because you want to forget your childhood. They made you happy sometimes, which means they will make someone else happy, donate them! And make someone else smile.