10 makeup trends you have to follow in 2020

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Starting a new stage is an excellent opportunity to renew ourselves in many aspects. One of them is our look.

2020 will be the year of experimenting with unusual makeup that ranges from natural to risky, and both ends will attract the eye. These 10 trends will get you out of your comfort zone.

10. Soap eyebrows

The soap brows or eyebrows soap came naturally to give our look and replace Sharpie style eyebrows.

They are called that because they are obtained by moistening a glycerin soap that is rubbed with a small brush to make a kind of paste with which the hairs are brushed and molded.

9. Floating outlined

The classic cat-eye will never go out of style, so don’t worry, but if you like to go one step further to reinvent your appearance, the floating eyeliner is for you.

It is about not drawing the line at the start of the eyelashes but a little higher or even on the crease of the eyelid. This will give your eye a more open appearance.

8. Gothic lips

2020 is the perfect mix between the complex and the dramatic. On the one hand, we have neatly disheveled soap eyebrows, and on the other, there are sensual Gothic lips.

Paint them black, wine red, or brown and make sure you fill them well, so they look bulky.

7. Cat-eye neon color

The eighties vibe is back with the outlined in neon colors to reflect our fun side.

It doesn’t matter if you use it with a strong lipstick or a discrete one; the important thing is to combine it with an accessory or garment to tone.

6. Neon shadow on the tear

If you want something more detailed, but that gives you a touch of boldness, paint only the tears and maintain a look that stands out for its simplicity.

5. Discordant shadows

Has it ever happened to you that you have your head in the clouds, and when you leave your house, you realize that you put on different socks? This trend is something like that but done on purpose.

The uneven shadows are fun and reveal a spontaneous and strong personality who doesn’t care what they will say.

4. Fake freckles

The fashion of fake freckles was born in 2017, and although it had an impact, it did not reach its potential. That is why 2020 brings revenge for this fashion and its opportunity to settle in the world of makeup.

3. Rhinestones ornaments

Clothing is not the only one that admits accessories, makeup too. Ideally, you should use pebbles only if your look is simple so as not to overload your face. The joke is that you look like a disco ball!

2. Smokey eyes in red

Vibrant, passionate, and strong, this is the color that will be the favorite eye shadow for next year, especially if you use cosmetics of the same color scale.

1. Shades in pink hues

Although red and pink have certain similarities, the associations we make with each are very different. The pink denotes romanticism, delicacy, and tenderness, ideal for a good but naughty girl style.