10 Most Successful Disney Blockbusters of All Time

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Who is not a Disney fan? We have grown up watching the most mythical movies in the history of the hand of this producer that has dazzled us with characters such as Mickey Mouse, Ariel, Winnie the Pooh, or Donald Duck, among others. That’s why we bring you 10 of the most successful movies ever, so you can always enjoy them at home!

Animated films, with characters that we have grown up with since childhood and that have been passed from generation to generation without losing a boom or being forgotten.

Tarzan, Cinderella, The Lion King or Mulan, are just some of the many films that will be cinema classics forever. 

Check it out and go back to childhood with these movies.

The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book tells us the mythical story of the boy who grows up in the jungle with a panther and a bear, losing his parents in an attack of a tiger.

It is a story that reflects important values ​​such as friendship, equality, or respect.

It is a story that manages to touch both children and adults because of the similarity with reality because it shows us how we can get to call family completely different beings and still be happy.

The Lion King

The lion king is one of those most mythical films in the history of the cinematographic world and has touched millions of people, both children, and adults, across the planet.

The film, as you all know, tells the story of Simba, a little lion son of the king of the jungle, Mufasa. And how he survives a betrayal of his uncle Scar who is allied with the hyenas to kill both of them and get to be the king of the jungle, then Simba meets a meerkat and a wild boar (Timon Pumba) that will make him see the life of another way.

This movie leaves us life lessons such as that your friends can be very different from you and still help you out of a bad moment, and such mythical phrases, In history, as “learn from the past, but never tie yourself to it.”


A poor boy, along with his monkey, a princess daughter of a sultan, and a magic lamp with a genie inside. It is a film full of adventures, and entertainment with a love story in between that leaves no one indifferent, so Aladdin has been rated as one of the best Disney movies of the 90s, winning two Oscar.

Nightmare Before Christmas

This is an animated film inspired by Tim Burton, which goes out of the way, by mixing Christmas history with Halloween and a series of entirely different characters and captivating music.

Nightmare Before Christmas, tells us the story of Jack, the king of Halloween pumpkins who wants to supplant Santa Claus to create an improved version of Christmas where somewhat macabre jokes replace Christmas traditions.

Mary Poppins

This film set in London in 1910 tells the story of Mary Poppins, a woman who comes to the house of the Banks (London wealthy family) to take care of the children, after having gone through several nannies before.

Surprisingly they find in Mary a strong but kind and affectionate woman, who also hides magical secrets in her suitcase.

This film has broken all Disney records in Oscar nominations, having been nominated for nothing more and nothing less than 13 Oscars and having won a total of 5.

A masterpiece that everyone should have in their homes.

Now available on Blu-Ray and with a special edition for the 50th anniversary.

Inside Out

Del Reves (Inside Out) is about human emotions represented in colorful characters (Fear, Disgust, Anger, Joy, and Sadness) that help Riley, the girl protagonist, in the circumstances of her life.

In short, it is an extraordinary film, which we recommend to see both children and adults, which teaches you that don’t hide or run away from your emotions, but express them and learn to manage your emotional intelligence.


The Disney movie inspired by the Day of the Dead holiday in Mexico is Coco.

This adorable film with great graphics focuses on the story of Miguel, a Mexican boy who dreams of becoming a famous musician and that his dream is truncated by his family, which forbids him to devote himself to music because of a family tragedy of the past in the that his great-grandfather abandoned them for dedicating himself professionally to music.

Miguel decides to skip the rules and run for a Day of the Dead music contest, and something amazing happens then.

A touching story about the value of the importance of the family, about memories and about the natural way of treating death.


Animals are the only protagonists of this fun and adventurous Disney film that has captivated the public fervently.

The story focuses on Judy, a peasant bunny that we see from her childhood until she grows up and decides to enlist in the police force of the city, circumventing the prejudices and obstacles that are presented to her on the road due to her species and the envy of others.

Super recommended this movie!


Moana is a film that has made adults and children burst out laughing, and at the same time, has touched them.

Vaiana is a princess (although she does not like to be) brave, determined and courageous that she is the daughter of the head of a small island of Polynesia who lives many adventures in search of Maui, a demigod who is theoretically guilty of misfortunes.

It is a movie that will touch us, which will fascinate us with its scenes and captivate us with its original soundtrack. In short, one of the most recommended movies of 2016.


This time Disney brings us a fantastic movie that features the famous villain of the Disney classic “Sleeping Beauty” and tells us the story never spoke about it. Maleficent is a beautiful young woman with black wings who takes care of the kingdom. When an invading army approaches the land, Maleficent rises to become its fiercest defender.