10 Movies that were the box office failure of the decade

Indeed, we always talk about the most successful, entertaining, and box office movies, we also have to mention from time to time those who made us ask for a refund. We were so disappointed that it was enough to see them only once and not want to run into them again, so we could not fail to mention the 10 films that became a total failure at the box office.

10. John Carter

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Disney usually makes very successful movies at the box office, but it was not the case with John Carter. The movie talks about a war veteran who inexplicably teleports to Mars to try to avoid the devastation of the planet. The budget it had was one of the largest in the history of the company. We are talking about 250 million dollars. However, it was so bad that it lost 224 million.

9. The Lone Ranger

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Maybe the performance, makeup, and locations are worth it for Johnny Depp, but not for his story, which is tedious and very dull. Disney invested 215 million dollars and only made a profit of 260 thousand dollars.

8. Battleship

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In the film, NASA discovers that there is a planet with conditions similar to those of the Earth and they call it Planet G. Due to the signals that were sent from space, and that was captured in Hawaii, a fleet with aliens arrives to attack a ship and thus start a great naval battle. Not even Rihanna can save this movie from failure because they lost 130 million dollars.

7. Monsters Trucks

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Some stories definitely don’t have to be taken to the movies, and Monsters Trucks is one of them. We’ll give you a little summary: Tripp is a high school student who builds a pickup truck with abandoned car parts, so far everything’s going very well, but an oilfield accident releases a creature hiding in the van and apparently it’s who is driving now. Thanks to this movie, the production company lost about $120,000.

6. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

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In 2010, Jake Gyllenhaal starred in this story. Prince Dastan and Princess Tamina will have to unite to be able to safeguard their people from the dark forces that want to dominate them. The film, produced by Disney and directed by Jerry Bruckheimer, recorded losses of 118 thousand dollars.

5. Green Lantern

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The DC Comics superhero movie is undoubtedly one of the worst of all time. It lacked many special effects and an entertaining story, even though it was starring Ryan Reynolds (now we’re sure he’s much better as Deadpool). The movie lost 101 thousand dollars for its low sales at the box office.

4. R.I.P.D

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Again Reynolds, but this time in history in which he becomes a policeman from beyond trying to lock up certain demons who want to take over the entire world. The film had losses between 100 and 150 thousand dollars.

3. X-Men: Dark Phoenix

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The story, which takes place after the events in the Days Of Future Past and The Last Stand, focuses on Jean Gray and the development of his powers, which can be devastating if he does not learn to control them. The director had a budget of 200 million dollars and only managed to raise 252 million, a very low amount for such a famous film.

2. Jupiter Ascending

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Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum starred in this film that tells the story of Jupiter, a girl who upon learning that she is the heiress of the Earth has to fight for her life; Fortunately, she has the help of Caine Wise, an ex-military man he ends up falling in love with. The film had a budget of 176 thousand dollars and only managed to raise 183 thousand.

1. Jack the Giant Slayer

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The movie, starring Nicholas Hoult, Ewan McGregor, and Stanley Tucci, is based on Jack’s stories and the magic beans, but it’s not as impressive as the story they read us to sleep. Filming began in 2011 due to lack of budget for visual effects; they only had 195 million and managed to raise 197 million, it was a loss.

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