10 movies that will definitely make you cry


No matter what type of movies you prefer regularly, we all sometimes need a good cry, and these movies will do exactly that. They will make you feel things. And the most important thing is not just tears; they are all good movies, with tremendous and incredible stories. Let’s buckle up and choose one of the movies because it will be a crazy roller coaster of emotions.

1. Toy Story 3

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Yes, we know that Toy Story 4 is out, but we are left with Toy Story 3 as the film that will make you cry to the fullest of the Toy Story franchise. Sometimes the love we develop on the toys they give us is incredibly heartbreaking. The story about these toys is extraordinarily touching.

2. The lion king

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It is a favorite of the public, we all saw it as children, and we loved it, but the scene with Mufasa that made you feel as if you had been stabbed with a knife directly in the heart. Why is it understood that this film is not only for children? I’ve seen adult adults cry with the Lion King.

3. Lion

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It has nothing to do with real lions. It is the story of a child who is lost and separated from his parents and then adopted by a loving family. Dev Patel does such an excellent job in this movie that you won’t be able to see it without crying.

4. Coco

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Pixar and Disney made an extra effort and made this a moving story about remembering your loved ones who are no longer with us and make you cry with joy and sadness.

5. My Girl

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Most likely, you have seen this movie for the first time because you saw that I had that child who played Kevin in My poor little angel. The end will make you tremble with tears. It’s an old movie, but well, you should definitely watch it if you haven’t done it yet.

6. Hachi a Dog’s Tale

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Its a story of a dog who is abandoned by his owner. You will be sobbing uncontrollably at the end of this movie when you see how loyal this dog was, and it will make you wonder if you should ever have a dog. Stock up on scarves because you will need them all and then a little more.

7. Up

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This movie will make you cry from the beginning. Sure there are fun things along the way, but even the first mount will make you shed a tear. Only the montage is a better love story than most romantic comedies these days. And at the end of the movie, you will cry in silence.

8. Theory of Everything

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A film that focuses not only on how incredibly intelligent Stephen Hawking was, but also on his relationship with his wife and how it was to be diagnosed and have to live with a disease that slowly paralyzes you. It is a moving and intimate representation of how he lived his life, his work, and his family, which will surely make you cry.

9. PS: I Love You

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Gerard Butler’s character will make you cry with how loving and amazing he can be as a boyfriend, even after death. The letters he wrote to his wife, all the plans and adventures he prepared, basically traced a path to happiness for her. It is a sure tear.

10. The Green Mile

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It is not a story of love or a tragic condition. It is an entirely different story of a prisoner sentenced to death with healing powers. It is a fantasy crime drama based on a Stephen King novel with a very unexpected and groundbreaking ending that guarantees that even the strongest people will cry.


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