10 New Year’s resolutions that everyone must fulfill to be better

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When we talk about New Year’s goals and resolutions, it is necessary to mention that we all have different goals. However, we can all make small changes that help positively transform our lives and help us to be better.

Next, we suggest 10 New Year’s promises that will help you focus on yourself and what you’re worth. It is not necessary to adopt these habits overnight. Maybe you can develop them year after year. You will not regret it.

10. Read a book every week

The average book takes between five and seven hours to read, which means that if you read only one hour a day or less, you can finish a book every week of the year. Take advantage of your free time and instead of watching Netflix read during lunchtime or before bedtime, during your journey to work, and in the free times that arise during the day. Can you imagine finishing the year having read 52 books?

9. Drink a lot of water

If you want to give your body a break and a good gift, cut off sodas and drinks with little nutritional value, drink plenty of water, it’s the best way to stay in weight and improve your health. We do not mean that you can not drink anything other than water but create a balance between your quantities, you will see how little by little you will get rid of sugary drinks and you will prefer H2O.

8. Start a training schedule

Exercise is a New Year’s purpose that most of us do, but it is necessary to take it seriously to improve our health and lose weight. Start with a beginner plan, and you will be motivated every time you notice important changes in your body.

7. Make a compliment every day

People want to be noticed, and it is amazing how happy we can make a person appreciate their effort. Train to be more observant and identify how others stand out in big and small ways, and mention those achievements in front of them, without forgetting to congratulate them. Friends, family, strangers, everyone will feel trusted with this little gesture.

6. Organize a dinner once in a while

Dinners can be the base of a modern and healthy society. Why? Because they promote relationships between friends and family. It also offers numerous benefits for the gathering, including the possibility of practising their social and cooking skills, as well as motivating them to clean your home. So try to organize a dinner once in a while, it’s more rewarding than you think.

5. Take a short walk every day

There is a reason why the great philosophers were committed walkers. From Aristotle to Nietzsche, they all took a walk to clear their minds, solve problems, and generate ideas. Moving your body is good for your physical and mental health, so take a walk every day.

4. Write a diary

Writing a diary is a way to process emotionally all the things you are going through. Writing requires thinking logically, which makes it particularly useful for putting things like depression and anger into perspective. There is no right way to write a diary, just write about what happened on your day or the things for which you are grateful.

3. Plan your weekends

Intentionally plan your weekends, always taking into account some fun things you would like to do. It will be easier for you to face Mondays because you will have taken full advantage of your Saturday and Sunday.

2. Turn off notifications on your phone

If you are tired of being distracted by your phone, simply change the settings of your cell phone so that you only receive the most important notifications of the day, such as work emails or messages from the most important people; The rest of the world can wait.

1. Start a new hobby

Do not waste your free time; fill it with decent activities. Find one that is so convenient and satisfying that you forget to use your cell phone or watch TV for a while.