10 Really good movies that you have surely missed and are mandatory to watch

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We all agree that there are great films, like Moonlight, that have won the love of the public and critics. However, many other films also deserve this affection and have been, for different circumstances, somewhat forgotten.

Movies that deserve much more recognition

1- Requiem for a dream

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Would you do everything possible to achieve your dreams? It is one of the great questions that this movie poses. At the same time, it shows us the world of drugs at the time with a surprising performance of its protagonists.

2- The circle

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Emma Watson stars in this magnificent adaptation of the novel of the same name. The film focuses on technology and shows us how it is evolving and taking over our lives. It absorbs you and keeps you in suspense, trying to figure out what moral decision Watson will make.

3- Café Society

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Woody Allen’s last film set in Hollywood in the 1930s. It tells the story of a boy who wants to conquer the world and falls in love in the midst of all the chaos of his life. An Allen classic that has the humour to lighten the whole drama.

4- Zodiac

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The Zodiac Killer has been one of the most brutal in the history of the United States. Therefore, an adaptation to the cinema seemed like a good idea.

Jake Gyllenhaal does it perfectly and keeps us in suspense until the last second. However, it has become history as another thriller.

5- Nocturnal Animals

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One of the most elaborate and brilliant films of recent years but which critics have severely punished for not giving it any award.

With Amy Adams and the disturbing truths about her marital life.

6- In Time

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The film is set in a futuristic city and is a brutal criticism of how we live today in a capitalist society. The difference is that in this movie, money is time, showing that the rich can live forever. 

7- Children of men

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The film is set in 2027 when the human being is about to become extinct. It is not about the typical apocalyptic film, but it is more focused on making a brutal critique of humanity and what we are doing to the planet.

8- The Lobster

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It tells an unconventional love story since in the world in which the singles are set they are arrested. It focuses on loneliness and fear of living alone. The story is terrific, as are the casting performances and their photography.

9- Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

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Gary Oldman stars in this film set in the Cold War. A great contribution to the spy cinema that has been a bit undervalued in recent years.

10- P.S. I Love You

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Some think that it is one of those typical romantic comedies and that it is not worth watching. However, not only does it show us how to deal with the death, but the monologue of Lisa Kudrow when a man touches her ass is one of the great pillars of feminism.

Do you think these movies deserve much more recognition than they really have? Which would you include in the list?

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