10 reasons why your cousin is the best friend in the world

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In every family, there are many cousins and relatives, but only one of them is the one that occupies a special place in your heart. Over the years, she has become your sister, best friend, and partner in crimes. Know all your facets and has always been by your side when you need her most, and that is why your love for her increases over time.

No matter how different they are, they will always be united, but beyond everything, there are a few reasons that make her the best friend in the world.

1. She is your partner in crimes

When both meet, time flies by talking about any subject.

2. They don’t need words to understand each other

They often talk with signs when they are surrounded by family and do not want them to understand their secret conversations.

3. Both know the worst secrets of the other

They always have a special bond and a series of secrets that only both know. And it is the only one you would trust in the entire planet.

4. She is the only one who has seen you in your worst facet and still laughs at it

Braces, pimples, strange clothes, your cousin has seen it all. The best thing is that you can always laugh by remembering all those good times.

5. Her is yours, and yours is yours

There is not a mine or yours, both share almost anything, except the couple.

6. You make fun of each other, just for fun

Both are specialists in making nasty jokes and telling silly jokes. They have never complained about it because moments like that are the ones that reinforce their bond of friendship and brotherhood.

7. But at the same time, they support each other

They know how to address a sensitive issue and make the other one feel comfortable and safe talking about it.

8. Both share the same circle of friends

When your cousin is not around, you end up sharing funny stories with your friends, because they are the same as her, so you can never miss her.

9. Never abandons you

Throughout your life, you will lose a few friends, but your cousin is your family too and will never leave you. They will be together for a long time, and if you’re not by his side, who could save you from awkward situations with other family members?

10. You never have to impress her

When you are by her side, you can be yourself without the social pressure in between. This means that you don’t have to wear makeup, go on a diet or have perfect hair. She knows you all your life and accepts you as you are.