10 Spooky, Scary and Fun Halloween Door Decoration Ideas

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Halloween is a lot of joy, whether you’re a child looking to score candy or an adult trying to make the most impressive decorations. It is one of the most anticipated celebrations of the year in which the streets are adorned with terrifying decorations, and children go out to ask for candy or make mischief. 

Maybe you did not know, but the decoration of doors has become a great trend for many people, especially for those who can not decorate the house much and for those who are teachers. Really, schools look amazing with different doors and even go on to do contests. Here we leave you these ten fabulous ideas to decorate your door this Halloween. 

Stuff you need while decorating doors: For ALL doors, you need colored cards, glue, adhesive tape, china paper, and some other aluminum foil.

So here are ten door styles that you should use for this Halloween 2019.

1. Make a pumpkin.

Literally, you just have to line with orange china paper and create the face with metallic paper. Just glue the face on the paper, and you are done.

2. Jack.

Transform your door into Jack Skellington by cutting the shape of the eyes and mouth on a black cardboard.

3. Black cat.

You need a black cardboard and colored cards for the eyes and nose. That’s it.

4. Funny monster.

The effect of the hair are strips of curled colored cards. Then release them, And an eye in between. It’s done.

5. Eye monster.

For this, you only need a cardboard and paint the waves down. Glue the eye on the cardboard and cover it with a black spider web.

6. Zombies and monsters

For this, you only need to cut wood-shaped cards and glue them on the door on a black background. The hands are plastic and overlapping — one of the perfect designs for Halloween this year.

7. Cobwebs.

If you want something simpler, make a web of cobweb with white yarn.

8. Monster’s Inc. Gate 

You can literally do it with white cardboard and aluminum foil.

9. Wonka chocolate bar.

Just try this design, everyone will just love it. Do you crave it?

10. House of superheroes.

It is a very simple and too tender idea, uniquely to design the door of a classroom.

Did you like these ideas?

Time to share the beautiful Halloween door designs with your friends and family.