10 strange facts you did not know about your favorite musicians

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Do we really know our favorite singers? Yes, we know how they became famous, what songs they perform, and even their real name, but we do not know 100% certain data, especially the most curious.

Fortunately, here we find some that may interest you, and that will also leave you speechless. 

10) Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez were YouTubers

When they were part of Disney and also best friends, they recorded videos for YouTube. There are still some that you can see on the platform.

9) A woman inspired Katy Perry for a song

The singer recently revealed that she was inspired by Scarlett Johansson to write her song I Kissed A Girl. They never kissed, but when Katy saw the actress on the cover of a magazine, she was fascinated by her beauty and immediately began writing the song.

8) Prince may have been a basketball player

According to his basketball coach, the singer played very naturally on the court; unfortunately, he was unable to succeed due to his height.

7) Freddie Mercury’s mouth was special

He had an overbite that occurred because he had four extra teeth in his upper jaw. His extra teeth pushed the fronts forward. He never had surgery because he was afraid it would change his voice.

6) David Bowie had anisocoria

After a fight as a child, the singer developed anisocoria, causing his left pupil to dilate permanently, causing his left eye to appear darker than his right. Before the fight, his eyes were blue.

5) Freddie Mercury did not want to work with Michael Jackson

According to the Queen’s representative, one day, Freddie called him during a recording session and asked him to take him out of the studio because Jackson brought his pet llama.

4) The Pussycat Dolls

95% of the songs were performed by Nicole Scherzinger, that’s why she was the leader of the group.

3) Alice Cooper is not as dark as it seems

The singer is passionate about golf, and he even wrote a book called Golf Monster: My 12 Steps to Becoming a Golf Addict. 

2) Twenty One Pilots was inspired by a play

The name of the band came about thanks to a play that told the story of a person who sent defective parts of airplanes, which caused the death of 21 pilots.

1) Tommy Motola stole from Mariah Carey

Before divorcing the singer, the music producer allegedly stole an audio sample that she would include on her next album. Months later, Jennifer Lopez sang a song with a similar sample; this forced Mariah to change her song at the last minute.