10 tips to take care of your hair in summer

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Summer is here, and with it, you have to be much more careful with your hair at this time of year. And is that due to the sun, sand, sea, or pool water, the hair suffers more than normal.a

If you want to show off hydrated and shiny hair, here we show you 10 tips to take care of it.

1. Cut your ends: Cutting the ends of your hair every two months is very important to combat dryness, and this also helps promote stronger scalp.

2. Moisturizing treatment: before exposing your hair to the sun, you should have a hydrating treatment, and then when the summer is over, you should have another treatment. In this way, you will cleanse the scalp and strengthen the hair fiber.

3 .Lots of hydration: Apply a moisturizer before going to the beach or exposing yourself to the sun. It is important that you apply it from medium to end. Leave it on all day and remove it when you shower.

4. Avoid streaky styling: Try to avoid it because all you can do is burn your scalp. And this is the most delicate area, and that is why you must take care of it.

5. Yes to collected hair: This is the best way to take care of your hair, so stop exposing your hair to the wind.

6. Sunscreen: Apply sunscreen to the part of your hair, and this will prevent this area from burning with the sun’s rays.

7. Protect your hair: You can protect your hair with a cap to prevent sunlight from falling and thus keep your hair healthy.

8. Cold water: Cold water will help you improve blood circulation, eliminate waste, and give it more shine.

9. Avoid irons: At this time of year, what better to wear it as it is and avoid ironing your hair or using a dryer.

10. Styling cream: The best way to hydrate hair is to use styling cream, and it will look hydrated.