10 true stories that were brought to the big screen

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Reality has always been one of the greatest sources of inspiration for artistic work, whether in painting, in literature, or in cinema, because there are such amazing stories that deserve to be told.

Sometimes writers and directors are allowed some artistic to modify or exaggerate the stories, even a small anecdote triggers in a great film. Here are 10 movies that are based on true stories.

10. Erin Brockovich

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In 1992, Erin Brockovich, 31, discovers that the Pacific Gas & Electric company has been polluting the water of the town of Hinkley, California, seriously affecting the health of the inhabitants, so an investigation begins to tie up loose ends.

9.The Blind Side

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Based on the story of the football player Michael Oher, he tells the life of a teenager who wanders the streets until Leigh Anne Tuohy finds him and, upon discovering that he has no place to go, he welcomes him at home. What begins as a simple gesture of kindness completely transforms Michael’s life.

8. The Shining

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It is based partially on the experiences of Stephen King during his stay at the Stanley Hotel with a violent past in Colorado. This laid the foundations for the book (and later the movie) that tells the story of a writer driven mad by the hotel’s spirits.

7. Catch me if you can

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The movie, based on the life of Frank Abagnale, an elusive young man who at the age of 19, managed to make millionaire scams by posing as an airplane pilot, a doctor, and a lawyer. He is wanted by Carl Hanratty, an FBI agent who must bring him to justice.

6. Philomena

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Philomena Lee, an Irish teenager who lived in a nun boarding school, became pregnant, and her caregivers forced her to give her baby up for adoption.

5. The Wolf of Wall Street

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It is based on real events from the autobiography of the same name written by the real Wolf of Wall Street: Jordan Belfort. With just 24 years, his eagerness to make money led him to traffic junk bonds and cheated numerous investors.

4. The Intouchables

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Philippe, a millionaire aristocrat who has been left quadriplegic because of an accident, hires Driss, an immigrant just out of jail who comes from a slum. Although at first glance, it does not seem the most suitable person for the job, both end up forming a close friendship.

3. Hidden Figures

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This film focuses on the true story of three African-American scientists who, in the early 1960s, while fighting for the civil rights of people of color, worked for NASA collaborating in the operation with which the United States won the USSR in the space race during the Cold War.

2. Marley and Me

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When journalist John Grogan’s dog died after having been in the family for 13 years, he wrote a column in the newspaper dedicated to Marley’s memory. This generated more than 800 responses from readers who shared their own experiences with their pets, thanks to which the journalist wrote a story about his life with the dog, which would later be adapted to the cinema.

1. The Walk

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The film portrays the memories of Philippe Petit, a French man who, guided by his mentor in 1974, set out to travel from above and with the help of a cable the space that separated the Twin Towers just a few days after its construction.