10 year old girl makes the most expensive Christmas wish list

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Children are the ones that get the most excited about Christmas, so from a couple of weeks before they motivate their parents to decorate the house with the tree, the lights and everything that is necessary to “light the way of Santa,” but what More important is that little ones can not forget about Christmas, is their letter to their parents about their gifts demands.

In that little list, they specify what gifts they want. Some ask for simple things like: clothes, toys, a tablet, headphones, or miniature cars. However, this little girl, which you will see next, made requests that go beyond something simple, among the list were Chanel bags, money, and even an iPhone 11. We can only say: poor parents!

Her father shared the full list

Twitter user @ A_johnson412 shared in his account the impressive list of gifts his daughter had made for Christmas.

She also asked for money!

Among her requests included the “small” amount of 4 thousand dollars.

Kids are so intelligent these days, But has she really made the list?

A few years ago, girls used to ask for Barbie dolls, but times have changed because she asked for some airpods, essential oils, makeup, and even a GoPro camera.

Time is changing so fast, and priorities and demands are also evolving with time, and all this also applies on kids these days, As like grown-ups, kids also want to have a personal mobile and gaming consoles and similar stuff. And this little girl did the same, demanded something much extra over her parent’s expectation.

Buying all the gifts on the list would be very expensive.

Other requests made were:

  • A new Mac Book Air
  • A real bunny *
  • Clothing*
  • Tennis Puma Rosas
  • Gucci sandals
  • Chanel bags
  • Perfumes
  • Earrings
  • Jewelry
  • Vans with pictures
  • Pink Adhesive Tape *
  • Laundry detergent *
  • Many dolls
  • New sheets and covers
  • An alarm clock *

At least we know what things maybe if your parents can buy you. We mark them with an asterisk so that you also get an idea.

People did not hesitate to comment on the tweet immediately:

What else people said on the list of the little girl:

She is a brilliant little girl. Good luck to her parents, possibly the user will again post a tweet after Christmas to show the stuff that he gave to her little girl.

Hopefully, this Christmas, everyone gets what they want.