11 Adorable puppies with amazing jobs

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We know that the dog is man’s best friend, that they are adorable and that they would do their utmost to defend their owners and even someone else if necessary because their heart is huge and they have a lot of love to give.

But did you know that some of our dog friends have a job? And not just any job, because they make that work environment the best of all, where humans can perform in the best way and interact with their coworkers, so discover what some of them work on.

1. Jax works at the post office

He is the official lick of the postage stamps at the post office; surely your letters reach their recipient.

2. He has his kissing post!

Hope gives kisses to the passengers of the airport on Valentine’s Day.

3. The volunteer services team

They are all volunteer help therapy puppies at the Utah Hospital, and they have their badge!

4. Special agent Claude

This beautiful labrador dog works for the canine department of explosives detection and has its own business card.

5. The best video game developer

Uuno helps develop video games, thanks to its movements the video game will look much more real and natural.

6. Perfect receptionist

Doug works as the receptionist for his owner’s vet, and he does it well.

7. I am your faithful friend

These puppies support people who suffered violence or children who testify in court.

8. Swimming is my passion!

They are lifeguards on the beaches of Croatia. You will not be in any danger while swimming when they care.

9. It may sound weird, but it’s like a babysitter

He finds turtle nests and incubates his eggs until they are born.

10. Which key is the one you said you need?

This dachshund is a mechanic’s assistant and has its own uniform.

11. Frida is a rescue dog from the Navy of Mexico

If you are from Mexico, you surely know her, and if you still do not know who she is, we tell you some of her fantastic work: she helped rescue those affected by the 2017 earthquake.