11 things you probably didn’t know about Charlie Hunnam

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Charles Hunnam is known for his roles as Jackson “Jax” Teller in drama series Sons of Anarchy  for which he was twice nominated for the Award for Best Actor in a Drama Series, Pete Dunham in Green Street, Nathan Maloney in Queer as Folk, Raleigh Becket in Pacific Rim, Percy Fawcett in The Lost City of Z and there are even more

In this article, we will share some of the curiosities about his life.

We tell you all the secrets of Charlie Hunnam:

11- He is English

His full name is Charles Matthew Hunnam, and he was born on April 10, 1980, in Newcastle, England.

10- Childhood

Actor Charlie Hunnam arrives at the Nicholas Nickleby premiere at the Warner Village Cinema West End June 22 2003 in London United Kingdom

During his time at school, he usually got into fights, which led him being expelled and faced problems like, take some exams from his own home.

The role of a bad boy is in the blood.

9- Not a New Year’s fan

The actor has explained that each New Year, he goes to bed early and wakes up before sunrise to take a car ride and watch the first sunrise of the year.

8- How he came into the industry

When Charlie Hunnam was only 17 years old, he was drunk in a shoe store with his friends playing dumb when a movie director saw him.

7- Golden opportunity

A producer who offered him his first role as Jason in Byker Grove.

6- Jump to fame

His first major role was in the successful series Queer as Folk. (American TV series)

5- Hollywood career

He moved to Hollywood in 1999 when his professional career was at the top, and he was raining roles in numerous successful films.

4- Back to the origins

Despite living in America, he spends a lot of time in London, where he has another house.

3- Avoid eating Pig

The actor has not eaten pork in the last 25 years.

2- Audition for Thor

In 2011, the actor auditioned for the role of Thor, who later went to Chris Hemsworth.

1- Favorite actors

Charlie Hunnam has said on numerous occasions that his favorite actors are Daniel Day-Lewis and Sean Penn.

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