12 celebrities who started their career in the ‘adult’ film industry

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We are used to seeing celebrities enjoying desirable lives, with comfort and full of luxuries that everyone would like to have. The truth is that when we see them, We simply focus on the success they have at the moment, but without thinking about the efforts, it may not be easy as it looks like.

Not all celebrities we know today have luxuriously started there careers. We all have a hidden past.

Discover the celebrities who did not start their career in a glamorous way:

12- Dustin Diamond

Best known for his participation in ‘Saved by the Bell,’ this actor recorded and directed his own p*rn movie in 2006.

11- Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn has always been in a reputation for being a bit confused character, but never acted in any adult film. During her career, the blonde actress her self pose nude on more than one time.

10- David Duchovny

Known for being the tender FBI agent in “The X-Files,” it seems impossible to think that he has done other things. But the truth is that he participated in a chapter of ‘The Red Shoe Diaries’ at the beginning of his career, an erotic series that often showed s*x scenes very clearly.

9- Sylvester Stallone

Before seeing his achieved fame thanks to the Rocky Balboa movie, Sylvester Stallone was a star on the small screen in an adult film.

8- Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz began her career in the world of Adult cinema at a young age. We are glad to see that she changed her path, and now she is one of the funniest actresses in Hollywood.

7- Adam West

Known worldwide for being the original Batman, it seems weird to think that he may have a hidden past, but yes, he faced that. He participated in several adult films, although he never was in any of the ‘love’ scenes.

6- Jackie Chan

This actor not only knows how to fight very well but also participated in the movie ‘All in the Family’ in the 70s.

5- Arnold Schwarzenegger

This actor has always been characterized by having a well-transformed body, so it is not surprising that during his young age, he used to work as an adult model, especially for After dark Magazine.

4- Sibel Kekilli

Well known actress, now famous for her role in the American series Game of Thrones, has a past in Germany, she worked in the adult films industry.

3- Jon Hamm

Do not get too excited because this actor has not acted in any adult film but did participate as a decorator of these films.

2- Kim Kardashian

Probably the Kardashian family is the one who has been able to take advantage of the existence of an ‘adult’ video since they have gone from being an average family to sitting in the front row in all the Fashion Week in the world, they have their own television reality called ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ and they even have their own cosmetic brands.

1- Paris Hilton

One of the famous best known for her adult film ‘One Night in Paris.’ She did not need to do much to achieve success, but the truth is that the scandal that was built around this film was too big for what really happened in the movie itself.