12 dog breeds that need a lot of exercise

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Different dog breeds have different personalities and needs. Some dogs are more greedy than others; some breeds enjoy going outside more than others while some love bathing on the beach when other dogs flee the water.

If there is something that worries every owner and that also depends on the breed of the dog is the amount of exercise that your canine friend needs. Therefore, today we want to show you some of the dog breeds that are more active and therefore will need to burn their energy by exercising or with outside activity.

Discover the races that need more sport:

12- Australian Shepherd

This type of dog has a lot of energy, so he needs a lot of exercises if you want to have a quiet dog at home.

11- Labrador

Despite being one of the most common dogs worldwide, few people know that they are athletic dogs and that they need a lot of movement.

10- Golden Retriever

As with the farmers, they are very active dogs. One of his favourite things is to swim so you can take advantage of the summer time and take him to the beach, and you will make him happy.

9- Weimar Braco

They are very agile and fast dogs, so they love to run. They are also very intelligent dogs so you should combine the sport with skill games.

8- Rhodesian Crested

This breed was initially used for hunting lions, so it is not surprising that they need a lot of exercises.

7- Dalmatians

They love to run long distances, so it is the perfect race if you like to take some races every day.

6- Border Collie

These dogs love to work and have a lot of energy, so they were used to care for sheep, hence their great need for exercise.

5- Siberian Husky

This famous breed needs a lot of exercises because they are very athletic and were raised to run for miles in Alaska.

4- German shepherd

It is another breed that is used right now as police dogs and for other types of jobs. They are very active, intelligent and obedient so it is quite easy to take them to play sports with you.

3- Boston Terrier

Despite being small dogs, they need movement and activity almost as much as large dogs.

2- Jack Russell

Another small breed that needs great activity since they were raised to hunt foxes.

1- Pointer

Traditionally used for hunting, they are dogs that need to run and release their energy.

Do you have any of these races at home? Are they active? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

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