12 Movie and TV characters that are based on real people

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There are different reasons for a movie to become unforgettable: for its special effects, for its costumes, makeup, script, or for its incredible characters.

The latter have a primary role in every movie, series, or play; They make us feel identified, although we later remember that they are fictional and that it would be almost impossible to meet someone like that in the office or school. However, many are based on real people and are not the product of the imagination of an inspired screenwriter.

12. Norman Bates

The protagonist of Psycho is based on Ed Gein, who had a sick obsession with his mother.

11. Ursula

Divine was an inspiration for Ursula the Sea Witch, the villain in the 1989 Disney animated movie The Little Mermaid.

10. Ariel

Ariel’s appearance is based on the face of actress Alyssa Milano.

9. Hazel Grace

It is based on Esther Earl, a YouTuber who shared her experience of having cancer. Esther was a friend of author John Green, who wrote Under the same star in her honor after her death.

8. Delphine LaLaurie

Her horrible crimes are not an invention of the scriptwriters of  American Horror Story. LaLaurie was a real killer of high society, and her murders were exposed when part of her home in New Orleans burned in flames.

7. Marie Laveau

Leveau practiced voodoo to achieve her goals while managing a luxury aesthetic, which allowed her to maintain a dual life for a long time.

6. Frank Abagnale

The protagonist of Catch Me if you can, is based on a real scammer who pretended to be a pilot, doctor, and lawyer to achieve his millionaire goals. Incredibly, he now serves as an FBI advisor.

5. Piper Chapman

Based on Piper Kerman, who spent 13 months in prison after participating in a network of drug traffickers along with his ex-girlfriend Cleary Wolters.

4. The Twisty Clown

The American Horror Story clown is based on serial killer John Wayne Gacy, who offered his services as a children’s party entertainer to commit his heinous crimes.

3. The Fox

Based on Joaquín Murrieta, a man falsely accused of stealing a mule. As punishment for his alleged crime, he was flogged, and his brother and his wife were killed in front of him. Over time he sought revenge and robbed the rich to give the money to the poor.

2. Margaret Brown

As in the Titanic movie, Margaret survived the sinking and was remembered for saving the lives of countless passengers by being the only one to return to help them.

1. Roxie and Velma

The Chicago girls are based on two killers of the twenties: Belva Gaertner and Beulah Annan.