12 reasons to love your best childhood friend

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You have known her since both were very young, all the stages of their youth have passed together, and she is still by your side. She is simply the most special person in the world, and you cannot think of anyone else who has shown you so many times how much she loves you.

Your best childhood friend has always been there, and you thank fate for allowing you to have someone like her in your life. Because despite the highs and lows, she stays there with you, she has supported you in your looks changes, in your tantrums, in short, it’s like your soulmate. These are the reasons why she will always be your favorite person.

1. They grew together

She has been with you since you have consciousness, and despite the problems, she is still by your side.

2. Have enjoyed the fun and fights

She would do anything to defend you, together they laughed and also fought against the world.

3. They love their immature side

They can play all the time; although in front of others they seem serious or very mature, in private they make gestures and laugh wildly.

4. Know everything about your lovers

Both tell each other about their crushes, give advice, encourage and support each other when one of them is hurt.

5. Distance does not matter

They have spent separate summers. They even entered different schools at some point, but you know you would call her in any situation.

6. Is your support

It may not be perfect, but when you need support, she gives it to you unconditionally.

7. She was your best company while you grew up

They watched movies together, shared their first times of everything, listened to your dramas. And still there, by your side.

8. She will be with you on your wedding day

And not only that, she will be your bridesmaid! You have even thought that she will be the godmother of your children, and their children will be friends of yours.

9. She taught you the true meaning of friendship

And despite the fights, distance, other friends and boyfriends. She is always by your side, and you know you can trust her unconditionally.

10. Can scold you

She is the only one who dares to tell you things as they are and straight forward, bluntly. You know she loves you, and she does it for your sake.

11. Respect your way of being

Because she understands that there is no one else like you in this world, she will always accept you, as you are. Although there are things about you that do not please you, she is your faithful companion.

12. You know you will be together forever

At some point, each one must follow their own path, but that will not prevent them from keeping in touch and that when they are needed, they will be there for each other.