13 Movie locations you can visit during the holidays

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Although the magic of the movies does not make believe that everything is built with giant models of study or editing in CGI (computer generated image), the truth is that most of the locations that we see on the big screen are real.

If you want to walk through the halls of Hogwarts or stay at the Grand Hotel Budapest, this may be possible, and here we tell you where to travel to make your dreams come true.

Have a look and select your favorite destination for your next travel:

13. Romeo + Juliet

Year:  1996

Location: Chapultepec Castle.

Location: Mexico City.

12.  The Hobbit 

Year:  2012

Location: The Green Dragon Inn.

Location: Matamata, New Zealand.

11.  I am Legend

Year:  2007

Location:  Brooklyn Bridge.

Location: Brooklyn, New York.

10.  Apocalypto 

Year:  2006

Location: The Leap of Eyipantla.

Location: Veracruz, Mexico.

9.  The Da Vinci code 

Year:  2003

Location:  Saint-Sulpice Church.

Location: Paris, France.

8.  Jungle 2 Jungle 

Year:  1997

Location:  Canaima National Park.

Location:  Bolívar, Venezuela.

7.  Life is beautiful

Year:  1997

Location:  Tuscany.

Location:  Florence, Italy

6.  Harry Potter 

Year:  2001

Location:  Christ Church University College.

Location:  Oxford, United Kingdom.

5.  Close encounters of the third type 

Year:  1977

Location: National Monument of the Devil’s Tower.

Location:  Wyoming, United States.

4.  Forest Gump

Year:  1994

Location: Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool.

Location: Washington DC, United States.

3.  The Hunger Games

Year:  2012

Location:  DuPont State Forest.

Location:  North Carolina, United States.

2. X-Men

Year:  2000

Location:  Casa Loma.

Location: Toronto, Canada.

1. The Grand Hotel Budapest

Year:  2014

Location: The missing Görlitz department store.

Location: Görlitz, Germany.