13 Movies starring women who saved the world in heels

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The girls have a deep dilemma that divides us between love and hate shoes with heels because they usually make us stumble at the least indicated moment, for example: when dancing at a party or worse when walking down the hall of the school.

It seems that the rude Hollywood girls don’t have the same problem and have dedicated themselves to destroying threats and saving the world using their best pair of shoes, and these 13 films prove it perfectly.

13. Jurassic World

Bryce Dallas should be crowned as the Miss Heels 2015 girl; She survived the Jurassic world by running with heels between dirt, stones, water, and various disasters.

12. The Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Your shoes may not be as sophisticated, but nobody runs on platforms like them two.

11. Batman: The Dark Knight

Anne Hathaway may have worn the highest-heeled ankle boots we have seen in the cinema, and we can only say that the way she uses them to fight Bane is incredible.

10. Charlie’s Angels

They were the most warrior girls with the best taste in the 90s fashion.

9. Sucker Punch

Each of its protagonists wore shoes with heels, yes, each pair varied according to the personality of the character.

8. Elektra

Maybe Jennifer Garner’s adaptation as Elektra was not the best, but this girl jumped and fought like no other in heels.

7. Ultraviolet

Milla Jovovich went from killing zombies to giving pirouettes after pirouettes using various styles of heels.

6. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Rebecca Ferguson showed her sophisticated side by wearing stilettos for most of the date, without bending her ankles, while killing right and left.

5. Lucy

Apparently, the world of action and heels are Johansson’s favorite mix.

4. In Time

Amanda Seyfried had no problem running between stairs while wearing ten-inch heels.

3. Kill Bill

The viper assassin squad showed that neither Tarantino is able to resist the sensuality caused by high shoes.

2. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Sienna Miller was the perfect girl who faces an enemy, or at least that made us believe in walking safely over her heels.

1. Van Helsing

Believe it or not, the eighteenth-century heroines also wore high heels. Just look at Kate Beckinsale, killing vampires and werewolves so that there is no doubt.