13 Movies to celebrate the New Year with a marathon next to your crush

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The New Year celebration is a long-awaited date. Preparations, parties, food, that magic that causes the countdown and the last toast.

But if you don’t like the idea of ​​revealing yourself, going out to a club or being reunited with your family and prefer to receive 2020 from your bed, next to your crush or in a casual meeting, these films are ideal, because in the end there is nothing better than a marathon.

13. I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore

A shy girl and her eccentric neighbor go in search of the thieves who stole their houses. The problem is that they are too kind to capture them.

12. Always Be My Maybe

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After 15 years without seeing each other, Sasha and Marcus meet again by chance, and although the butterflies of love become present, they find it hard to unite their lives.

11. Una

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A young woman’s dispute with a man from her past threatens to derail his new life and her stability.

10. The Irishman

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A review of the memory and secrets of the hitman Frank Sheeran, who worked for the Bufalino family of criminals.

9. Marriage Story

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A couple opens their hearts to show that marriage goes beyond love and promises.

8. Lionheart

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After her father’s illness, Adaeze runs the family business with her aunt and demonstrates her courage in a world dominated by men.

7. 6 Underground

Ryan Reynolds, Mélanie Laurent, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Corey Hawkins, Ben Hardy, and Adria Arjona in 6 Underground (2019)

A millionaire simulates his death and creates an international team to defeat a dictator.

6. The Perfection

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Charlotte and Lizzie are two talented cellists. When Lizzie begins to feel bad and experiences strange events in her body, Charlotte pretends to help her but ends up abandoning her to her fate motivated by jealousy and jealousy.

5. The King

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Prince Hal must leave his life of excesses to become a hardened king; for this, he must betray, kill, and survive outside the castle walls.

4. I Lost My Body

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A unique story in which a young man in love and an amputated hand intertwine their lives to discover their true origin.

3. Hacksaw Ridge

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Desmond Doss, a military doctor, will have to survive World War II without wielding a single weapon because, for him, violence is not the solution.

2. Someone Great

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A journalist sees her life collapse but comes out afloat with the help of her friends and a little self-esteem.

1. Super Dark Times

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Zach and Josh are lifelong friends, but a tragic accident that ends in crime makes their friendship falter.