14 Netflix romantic movies to believe in love again


In a world where Tinder is the most used application for dating, and open relationships are increasingly common, there are still people who believe in love and soulmates.

For all those eternal lovers, we have compiled 14 of Netflix’s most romantic movies. They are perfect for a New Year’s Eve date with hot chocolate and soft pajamas.

14. The red thread

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Seven years after their first meeting, April and Manuel meet again only to discover that they are still in love with each other.

13. The space between us

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A boy from Mars contacts a girl from Earth and travels through the universe to meet her and discover her origin.


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The romance between a blogger and a vlogger goes viral. Although everything seems to be perfect, the reality is quite complicated and painful.

11. Tall Girl

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Jodi feels self-conscious about her height, but everything changes when she falls in love with a handsome foreign exchange student in her high school, she recognizes her changes and accepts herself as she is.

10. The perfect date

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To pay for college, a boy offers his services as a fake boyfriend, but the feelings are real, and he cannot escape love.

9. Let it Snow

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Jubilee argues with her boyfriend and has to travel to Florida for a family problem. But an unexpected snowstorm on Christmas Eve will change everything.

8. Falling Inn Love

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Gabriela travels to New Zealand to restore a place she has just won and start a business that she has always dreamed of. When she met Jake, a handsome young contractor, her life will change completely.

7. Us and them

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Two strangers meet on a train, establishing a relationship that will take them from love to hate and vice versa.

6. Always Be My Maybe

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After 15 years without seeing each other, Sasha and Marcus still feel love for each other, but they find it hard to unite their worlds.

5. Naomi and Ely’s no kiss list

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Naomi is in love with her best friend, but he likes boys. Everything seems fine until they meet Bruce, and they both fall in love with him.

4. Safe Haven

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A woman moves to a small town to start a life away from her former manipulator. She will soon find true love.

3. Irreplaceable You

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Abbie is diagnosed with cancer and only has one desire before she dies: finding a girlfriend for Sam, her eternal fiance

2. Brooklyn 

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Eilis moves to the United States, where she meets a boy she falls in love with. Everything is honey on flakes until Eilis is forced to return to Ireland and leave her beloved boy.

1. Dear Ex

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A teenager is caught between his mother’s fight and a man who turns out to be a lover and insurance beneficiary of his late father.


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