15 Celebrities who believe it or not … have written a book!

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In recent times it has become fashionable to combine the flash of cameras with book signatures. Some celebrities are not satisfied with making money with songs, series, movies or fashion shows, many of them have tried to go to literature, some with great success and others caused scandal.

The most incredible thing about this is that there are books of celebrities that have already become unforgettable sagas like the one written by Hillary Duff, or that have even been taken to the big screen and surely you had no idea about it.

1. Naomi Campbell

Book: Swan

What is it about?

Swan is the most successful supermodel in the world. But she doesn’t want to live this life forever, even if it means saying goodbye to a cosmetics contract worth millions.

2. Hilary Duff

Book: Elixir

What is it about?

Clea Raymond, a talented photographer who has spent her entire life under the eyes of the paparazzi, and her best friends Rayna and Ben travel the world trying to clarify a centennial mystery that could reveal the identity of their soulmate.

3. Bella Thorne

Book: Autumn falls

What is it about?

Follow the story of Autumn Falls, who discovers that her wishes come true every time she writes them in a newspaper her father gave him.

4. Steve Martin

Books: An object of beauty

The pleasure of my company

Commercial Saleswoman 

Late at school


His first and third novels were adapted to the cinema.

5. Lauren Graham


Someday, someday, maybe

What is it about?

Franny Banks is an actress who only has six months left of the three-year limit she gave herself to succeed. But so far, all she has achieved is a single line in an ad for ugly Christmas sweaters and a job as a waitress.

6. Chris Harrison

Books: The Perfect Letter

Head over heel

What is it about?

Both novels focus on love most purely, and few people get to know.

7. Britney Spears

Book: A Mother’s gift

What is it about?

It tells the story of Holly Fave Lovell, a southern singer who rises to fame and her mother Wanda, who hides a family secret.

8. Hugh Laurie

Book: The Gun Seller

What is it about?

A fake novel about war, spies, and crime.

9. Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian

Book: Dollhouse

What is it about?

The book follows the story of three sisters, Kamile, Kassidy, and Kyle, who rise to fame unexpectedly.

10. Kendall and Kylie Jenner

Book: Rebels: Indra City: The Story of Lex and Livia

What is it about?

Two rebel girls with superpowers, Lex and Livia, seek to discover the mysteries of life with a journey that begins together, and as their adventures happen, they realize that the greatest danger is themselves.

11. Lauren Conrad

Book: LA Candy

What is it about?

A 19-year-old intern who became the most famous Hollywood star in the blink of an eye.

12. Macaulay Culkin

Book: Junior

What is it about?

A combination of styles, from satire to personal anecdote, all told by his central character, Junior.

13. Fisher Island

Books: Haunted 

Seduction for fame


The books were published between 1995 and 1996, and Fisher took a 20-year break until he launched the first installment of the Marge In Change children’s book series in 2016.

14. Ethan Hawke

Books: The Hottest State

Ash Wednesday

Rules for a gentleman


His novels promise unforgettable love plots.

15. Tim Burton

Book: The melancholy death of the Oyster Boy and other tales

What is it about?

The book is a collection of fiction stories that follow some marginalized and strange children.