15 Famous people who are millionaires and don’t have a life of luxury

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We tend to believe that celebrities spend their money on restaurants, cars, trips, and luxury clothes, as their bank accounts have more than 10 zeros.

However, some celebrities hardly use their millions, lead an austere life, far from luxuries but close to humility, and here we show you 15 of them.

15. Ellen DeGeneres

Despite being one of the most successful celebrities in the United States, she lives with only the money to cover her needs, and the rest donates to charities.

14. Keira Knightley

She has a monthly limit of expenses because she considers that having a life full of luxuries moves us away from reality.

13. Drew Barrymore

She doesn’t like to show off her fortune; she doesn’t have luxury cars or wears designer clothes.

12. Leonardo DiCaprio

He likes to live modestly and take care of the planet. His car is economical and electric. When he travels by plane, he usually travels on commercial flights like any ordinary person.

11. Keanu Reeves

He lives in a small apartment, uses the subway, and avoids the clothes of luxurious brands.

10. Christian Bale

For a long time he lived in a one-bedroom apartment, he had no cell phone or security guards.

9. Julia Roberts

In her daily life, she wears simple clothes, grows her own vegetables, and recycles as much as she can.

8. Lady Gaga

Despite having an upscale and showy image on stage, in her day-to-day life, she maintains a low profile. She has even declared herself a fan of discount coupons.

7. Jennifer Garner

When she does not act in movies, she leads a simple life, walks to the supermarket, does not wear branded clothes, and does not eat in restaurants.

6. Russell Crowe

Despite his fame, the actor prefers to live without luxuries, take the subway, cooks his food, and he is in touch with nature.

5. Jennifer Lawrence

Despite all the millions she has earned, Jennifer does not presume her fortune, lives in a small house, without luxury cars or private security.

4. Sarah Jessica Parker

She doesn’t like to eat in fancy restaurants, shopping in fancy boutiques, or spend money on makeup.

3. Halle Berry

She lives simply and saves up to the last penny so that her children have financial support in the future.

2. Shailene Woodley

She lives in her parent’s house and saves all her money for a better future; In fact, it is known that she creates her own soaps and beauty products naturally.

1. Vincent Kartheiser

As a matter of principle, he doesn’t buy luxury cars and lives in a modest house.