15 Famous people who changed their real name to be more successful

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Celebrities have a deep influence on our lives. We are so influenced by their style, that we start imitating them, the way they talk or the brand they wear. Some fans even adopt their names or name their children after them.

There are stars we regard highly who have adopted new names before they hit fame.

Discover the most curious celebrity name changes:

15- Pitbull was Armando Christian Pérez

Pitbull says that dogs of this breed are always fighting, just like him.

14- Jay Z was Shawn Carter

Despite being called Shawn Carter, he has never used it much. Growing up in his New York neighborhood, they called him Jazzy, which derived from the stage name Jay-Z. It is also a tribute to his mentor Jaz-O.

13- Helen Mirren was Ilyenia Lydia Minoroff

She was born and raised in London, but her father was of Russian origin, so she hated her last name and was judged in the English capital. Hence she decided to change her name.

12- Macklemore was Ben Haggerty

In 2000, the singer changed his name to Professor Macklemore. In 2005 the word Professor was removed, and the rest is history.

11- Katie Perry was Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson

The change of name of the actress is because the actress Kate Hudson was already famous when she started in the world of music, so to avoid future confusion, she decided to change her name.

10- 50 cent was Curtis James Jackson III

The rapper says 50Cent is a metaphor in reference to the Brooklyn thief 50 Cent.

9- Dido was Florian Cloud de Bounevialle O’Malley Armstrong

The singer said her name was too long and decided to keep the nickname of her childhood.

8- Avicii was Tim Bergling

He decided to change his name because a friend told him that with this name, he would not succeed. They decided together that it would be Avici and later added a second “i” because the name was already taken on the MySpace platform.

7- Alicia Keys was Alicia Augello Cook

The singer initially used the name ‘Wilde’ as a stage name but changed it later when her manager had a dream about her name being Keys.

6- Lana Del Rey was Elizabeth Woolridge Grant

Lana Del Rey was not the first name she chose since she started performing songs by calling herself ‘Sparkle Jump Rope Queen’ and ‘Lizzy Grant.’ It was not until she moved to Miami and met a group of Cuban friends when she changed her name definitely.

5- Cee Lo Green was Thomas DeCarlo Callaway

He did not want to explain much of his name beyond that; he liked the combination.

4-Pink was Alecia Beth Moore

Everyone called her Pink when she was little and also as a teenager because she tended to blush a lot, so that name stayed when she triumphed in the world of music.

3- Lily James was Chloe Ninette Thomson

There was already an actress named Lily Thompson, so Lily kept her father’s Christian name instead of her own.

2- Charli XCX was Emma Aitchison

The story is quite curious. At the age of 15 years, she was invited to perform at the Warehouse parties and asked what name they should put on the list. At that time, she said her username in the MSN Messenger, and since then, she adopted this name.

1- Demi Moore was Demetria Gene Guynes

Demi adopted the last name Moore when she married Freddy Moore in 1980 and decided to keep the name even though they divorced years later.

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