15 movies that you will also enjoy with your nephews for an afternoon of ‘nanny’

You may want to go to the beach, go shopping or enjoy your time alone. Unfortunately, sometimes things will not be like this, and there will be days that you will even have to take care of your nephews.

If you already have them at home and want to be the aunt, and at the same time spend an unforgettable vacation, prepare popcorn and watch as many animated movies as you can.

15. Toy Story 3

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Andy is already 17 years old and about to go to college. Now he faces one of the most regretful decisions of his life: what to do with his toys.

14. Wall-E

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After the destruction of planet Earth, the small WALL-E robot fulfills the function for which it has been built: cleaning the trash that has been left on Earth. After meeting EVA, a robot that has been sent to the planet in search of signs of life, both enter into an unexpected and exciting adventure that will change the destiny of humanity.

13. Tangled

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When she was just a baby, Princess Rapunzel was kidnapped by an evil witch who pretended to be her mother to take advantage of the healing power of her hair. Although she is prohibited from leaving the tower where she lives, her only wish is to escape from there and discover the lights that casually appear only once a year, on her birthday.

12. Mulan

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Mulan’s bravery makes her change herself as a warrior to supplant her father in the army. Her decision will take her along unexpected paths and multiple dangers that she will have to face.

11. Brave 

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Merida was a princess who rarely agreed with her mother’s requests. Frustrated, she went to ask an old witch for help to grant her a wish. An unfortunate impulse that will lead to terrible consequences and teach her a great lesson.

10. Coco

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Despite the ban of music for several generations in his family, Miguel dreams of becoming a dedicated musician, like his idol Ernesto de la Cruz. Desperate to prove his talent, Miguel is in the impressive and colorful Land of the Dead, as a result of a mysterious chain of events.

9. The Secret Life of Pets

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What do pets do when we leave home? Max’s owner adopts another dog, Duke, with whom she will have differences. But soon, they must leave their battle to prevent a white bunny from taking revenge on all pets.

8. Inside out

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Feelings are the protagonists in this wonderful adventure that has been a great success. Joy, sadness, anger seek their meaning and their place in little Riley.

7. Minions

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One of the funniest movies in which the minions will have one goal: to save themselves from total disappearance.

6. Zootopia

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A unique city formed by neighborhoods with different habitats. Agent Judy Hopps, the first bunny of a police force, will have to solve a case with a talkative fox and scammer.

5. Finding Dory 

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Suddenly Dory leaves her memory problems aside and remembers that she has a family and decides to go on a trip to meet her parents again.

4. The Incredibles

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A family of superheroes, bored of their retirement in civil society, returns to action to save the world from a terrible threat.

3. Big Hero 6 

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Hiro Hamada is a curious teenager who loves robotics. He has just lost his brother Tadashi and to fill his loss. He relies on Baymax, a huge robot created by his brother, who soon becomes his best friend.

2. The Boss Baby

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A peculiar baby, who wears a suit and tie and carries a briefcase, and his brother Tim will try to stop the evil plans of the director of the company Puppy Corporation.

1. Lilo & Stitch 

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Lilo is a small rebel girl who doesn’t like stereotypes. She will meet a unique creature: Stich, an escaped alien.

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