15 Movies to wake up your traveling soul; Pack your bags!

Most people love to travel, not only for getting photos for Instagram or Facebook, but for the pleasure of having an adventure, getting to know new cultures, and resting physically and emotionally from daily routine. Although not all of us have the opportunity to make long or frequent trips, what matters is that they always change our lives.

With all this in mind, we shortlisted 15 films that leave us a lesson that a trip always transforms us, and in some way or another, makes us find ourselves.

1. Eat Pray Love

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After their divorce, Liz decides to rebuild her life. So take a trip around the world in search of good food, spirituality, and true love.

2. Wild

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After a series of tragic personal experiences, Cheryl Strayed travels more than a thousand kilometers on foot through the Pacific Massif Trail, in an attempt to find herself.

3. The Art of Travel

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Conner Layne is about to marry his first love. He surprises everyone with a revelation and finally does not marry; yes, he decides to go alone to his honeymoon on a trip through several countries in Latin America.

4. Lion

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Technology can be a great ally when we take a trip. This is how this movie teaches us, which involves us in the adventure of a Hindu boy, adopted by an Australian couple, who seeks to return with his original family.

5. Thelma & Louise 

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It tells the story of two friends who decide to abandon their respective husbands and embark on an adventure along the mythical highway 66.

6. Up

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Carl Fredricksen is an old balloon seller who has just been widowed. He and his wife had always dreamed of traveling the world and knowing some heavenly waterfalls, but the circumstances of life prevented them from doing so. However, Carl shows that it is never too late to make the trip of his dreams.

7. Seven Years in Tibet

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Based on a true story. Heinrich Harrer starts an expedition to climb Everest. The outbreak of World War II truncates his attempt and being confined in an English concentration camp in India with his partner Peter Aufshnaiter. The two manage to escape and on their way, find refuge in Tibet, a place prohibited for foreigners.

8. The beach

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Richard travels to Thailand to experience something radically different in his life. He learns of the existence of an island that is supposed to be paradise, but that is commonly mythical.

9. Holidays

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A touching and welcoming story, which shows that changing something in your life often brings you good things. Especially for those who dare not turn off their phones or spend a day without the internet.

10. 127 hours

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Based on real events. It tells us the story of mountaineer Aron Ralston, who in 2003 suffered an accident while exploring the canyons of Utah, United States alone, which left him with an arm trapped under a stone for more than five days.

11. The impossible

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The tragic story of a family that decides to travel from Japan to Thailand to spend their vacations on the beach. One morning, a terrible tsunami destroys the hotel where they stay and are separated by the force of the sea. Meeting again will be a journey.

12. Into The Wild 

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Christopher decides to start a new life in Alaska, enjoying nature and reading, but abandoning his old life will not be easy.

13. The Road

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It focuses on the personal motives of each of those who make the Camino de Santiago (one of the most sacred pilgrimage roads in the world). One trying to lose weight, another to quit smoking, write a book, or fulfill the wish of a recently deceased child.

14. Tracks

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Based on the story of the writer Roby Davidson, played by Mia Wasikowska, who in 1973 decided to travel more than 2,500 kilometers through the desert of Australia. An adventure about the importance of enjoying the simple things in life.

15. The Fundamentals of Caring

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Ben is a retired writer who finds employment as a caretaker for an 18-year-old boy with muscular dystrophy, with whom he begins an adventurous road route.

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