15 photographs that went viral on the internet that were totally fake

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The term fake news has become very popular these days. Fortunately, there are Internet users who are in charge of unmasking those who try to tease us with unbelievable photos, but with the possibilities of Photoshop today, even the most observant eyes can be deceived.

This list we have compiled will show you the reality behind the popular photos, so be prepared to know that you cannot trust everything you see on the Internet.

15. Since the mustache was not enough, they added eyebrows

Animals are loved on the Internet, especially if they are adorable, rare, or both. So it is not surprising that this cat with a mustache went viral, despite its false eyebrows.

14. Syrian boy sleeping next to his parents’ grave

He actually knew the photographer and the graves were not his parents. The photo is heartbreaking, but you don’t have to believe everything.

13. A wave of rice

The image was shared thousands of times, but the original photo was misleading since the rice wave is a sculpture sold in a fake food store in Tokyo.

12. Squatting woman

It turns out she only had one leg raised. Photoshop can change the whole image in just a couple of minutes.

11. Magic castle

It is just a combination of rock in Thailand and a castle in Germany.

10. Frozen Venice

Venice is wonderful in itself; no need to photoshop the frozen Lake Baikal to make it more impressive.

9. Selfie in full flight

It even looks dangerous that the pilot is taking a selfie while flying a plane, but the reality is a little different. In Actual, the pilot took the picture while on the ground.

8. Lenticular clouds

These clouds are very beautiful, and it does not take an excess of them to get attention.

7. Black lion

Finding unique species or races is a guaranteed success on the Internet, but they should not be invented, like this black lion. And people just got mad after looking at a black lion and started sharing without even thinking that it could be fake.

6. The moon in a skyscraper

To make a viral photo, nothing like assembling the moon with an enigmatic site, and that’s it. 

5. Bear following a cyclist

Nobody was hurt. The original photo is only of a bear running down the empty road.

4. Dwarf Giraffe

It is true that giraffes can suffer dwarfism, but not so; This photo is fake. But hats off to all those who just got in love with such huge baby giraffe and started sharing the picture all around.

3. Bear following NatGeo photographers

The bear was added to the original photo in which the photographers run as a game. So relax, everyone is safe and sound, and the picture was edited.

2. The star island

It does not exist, but the one with the shape of a crescent does. It’s called Molokini, and it’s in Hawaii.

1. Paris Hilton offensive t-shirt

Although Paris has been labeled a “silly girl,” the reality is that she isn’t, and that’s why she would never wear a blouse that says, “Stop being poor. ” Actually, her shirt says, “Don’t despair.” Sounds better, doesn’t it?