15 romantic 90’s movies that will give you just nostalgia

There is nothing better to heal a broken heart with romantic movies of the 90s. Prepare your blanket, hot chocolate, and commit yourself on a journey through time and love with a romantic marathon.

15. Ghost

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Sam and Molly are in love, but their love is short-lived when a thug kills Sam, and he was unable to tell Molly that her life is at risk, Sam’s spirit takes the help of a psychic.

14. Jerry Maguire 

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Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise) Fired from his job for exposing the alleged illegal practices that exist in his profession, sports agent Jerry starts his own company. However, he achieves to find only one client. He enters a labor and emotional crisis from which only love can save him.

13. Four weddings and a funeral

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A British romantic movie directed by Mike Newell. Tries to discover his true love, Charles seems to meet the right girl, her name is Carrie, with whom he meets unexpectedly at four weddings and a funeral.

12. When Harry Met Sally

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Harry believes that friendship between a man and a woman is impossible; Sally believes in love. Despite their differences, their relationship continues for years.

11. You have got email

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The owner of a bookstore chain meets the owner of a little bookshop online, two business rivals who dislike each other in real life but fall in love on the Internet.

10. Shakespeare in love

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William Shakespeare needs the inspiration to create new plays, and he finds it in the beautiful Lady Viola, with whom he will maintain a secret romance.

9. Never been kissed

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In her first job as a reporter, Josie joins a school. There she will relive her teenage problems, but she will also meet the man who will kiss her for the first time.

8. There’s Somthing about Mary

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13 years later, Ted reunites with Mary, ted fall in love when he was a teenager and with whom he had a failed date. Ted will do everything possible to make her fall in love and correct that mistake.

7. Just Before dawn

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An American independent film (1981) directed by Jeff Lieberman. Two strangers meet on a train and decide to spend a night in Vienna. They both know that this could be their only night together.

6. Romeo + Juliet

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The Montagues and the Capulets face each other to gain control of the city. Romeo visits a party organized by Fulgencio, there he meets Juliet Capulet, and they fall in love that will unleash the demons of both families.

5. Only you

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During a spiritual session, the name revealed of who will be the love of her life ‘Damon Bradley.’ 10 days before getting married, receives a call from an old co-worker who apologizes for not going to the wedding, his name is Damon Bradley.

4. Lovers of the arctic circle 

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A love story lasts over the years. The two fall in love and seem intended to spend the rest of their lives together. Ana and Otto tell their secret love story in eight years of laughter, passion, fighting, and abandonment.

3. Titanic

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Jack wins a ticket to board the Titanic, the world’s largest ocean liner. Onboard he meets Rose, a wealthy family girl with whom he has a fleeting romance.

2. The English patient 

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An American romantic war drama film (1996) directed by Anthony Minghella. Set in World War II. It tells the story of a man with burns who is treated by Hana, a nurse she will end up in love with that man.

1. The bodyguard

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Rachel, a popular singer, who receives constant death threats, she hires Frank, a bodyguard to protect her. And soon she fall in love with her bodyguard. Their relationship will break the limits of work.

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