15 signs that indicate that your university friends are also your family

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You have to admit that university is and will be the best stage of your life. Not only because of the knowledge that prepares you for the job you always dreamed of but because of the number of people you’ve met throughout your career.

These people are those with whom you speak every day, in whom you trust your most intimate secrets, with whom you enjoy a good party and, above all, with whom you will maintain a strong friendship even if the years pass. They are not just your friends: they are your family and those in charge of making you feel at home when you are away from home. These are 15 signs that your college friends are also your family.

1. Messages are sent every minute of the day

Your WhatsApp group is so fun that you can’t spend a minute without sending funny messages. It is one of the advantages of technology: it allows you to be connected to them even if they are not together.

2. Seeing their faces is what makes you wake up every morning

You literally have a smile on your face because you want to say “good morning” to your best friends.

3. They are your greatest advisors

Whenever you need them, they are there, and it doesn’t matter if you want them to lend you clothes, help you with your makeup or give you compliments. At the end of the day, they make you feel like you’re on top of the world.

4. They are the only people to whom you entrust your secrets

They know everything about you, and they love you above all things. After all, there are no secrets between you.

5. When you are sick, they are the only people who are with you

They are never afraid of being infected by your terrible symptoms. During that time, they become the best nurses.

6. Between you, there are no filters

You know they will always tell you the truth without fear of hurting you.

7. They never judge you

No matter the terrible things you have done, they will never judge you.

8. The dances are endless

No matter if they are in the kitchen, a club, or someone’s house, it is always a good time to share a dance.

9. You can make jokes between yourself and be well

Your fall of a year ago is still the best subject to laugh. The best thing is that you have no problem remembering something so fun.

10. They are your greatest motivation

Especially when it comes to endless days of homework. If you had a bad day, they appear with junk food and movies to make you forget those horrible moments.

11. Not only are they a bad influence, but they are also the best influence

There is no one else with whom you would rather be in ruin and success.

12. They are the first people with whom you celebrate your achievements

Your happiness is their happiness, and it doesn’t matter if it’s simple things.

13. They always have something to do

So try baking cookies, sunbathing in a pool, drinking coffee, or studying for a complicated exam. They are always by your side.

14. Without a doubt, they are the best people in your life

You will never hear from his mouth a “not now.” They will always be there when you need them most.

15. They are not just your friends: they are your family

Without a doubt, by your side, you live on a fun roller coaster, and there is no one else with whom you prefer to share the university.