15 Simple things you can do when you feel like complete shit. Try them!

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We all have good days and bad days. Life is a very long journey of ascents, descents, and many obstacles along the way. The problem is when our bad days are more than good ones when it seems that every day, we are accompanied by a gray cloud that is not willing to disappear.

What to do in those days? What to do when you feel complete shit? We all have felt this way more than once, but it is part of growing up and a part of life. However, you can do these things that will help you feel better.

1. Drink water

Maybe what makes you feel so bad is that your body is dehydrated. You need to drink water. No other liquid, only water.

2. Eat something

When we feel bad, we have a terrible habit of eating extremely sweet or very fatty things. Ideally, eat a small snack, it can be some fruit or something that provides protein instead of carbohydrates.

3. Take a bath

One of the most relaxing things we can do is take a bath. Warm water helps us clear our minds and feel better. Also, life looks different when you’re clean. So open the shower and wash your hair, massage your head and fill yourself with energy.

4. Change your clothes

It doesn’t matter if you don’t leave the house, wear beautiful clothes. You don’t have to store your best clothes for special occasions if they make you feel and look good: use them! Or if you have been in the same clothes for a long time and you feel uncomfortable, then change. Put on something comfortable, maybe pants or pajamas; Change your shoes for slippers and relax.

5. Make your bed

If you feel overwhelmed because you have many things to do and do not know where to start, the first step is to make your bed. This will help you direct your day.

6. Walk

If you’ve spent a lot of time sitting, you may need to take a walk. You don’t need to run. Just walk around your house. Let natural light make effects on your body. Breathe fresh air. Move on. This will help keep your mind clear.

7. Talk to someone about something nice

Visit a friend, go with mom or dad, invite a coffee to your office partner. You can talk about anything nice: a movie, a series, something that happened on the day. The presence of someone we appreciate relaxes us and makes us happy.

8. Dance

But please, it’s not Adele’s Hello, or any of those songs that only squash your mood. Choose a song that fills you with positive energy, turn up the volume, and dance throughout your room.

9. Exercise

The goal is to put your heart to work, so it is best to do some cardio. It will also make you sweat and thus eliminate toxins from your body. If you don’t have money to sign up for a gym, you can search for routines on YouTube and spend 30 minutes exercising.

10. Do something that is on your schedule

Do you have to clean the house? Should you make an appointment with the dentist? Do you have a book to read? Do you need to do the shopping? Don’t keep putting it off, do it now. It is easier to start doing simple things. This will help clear your mind, plus you’ll do something you needed.

11. Show love to an animal

If you don’t feel like having contact with other people, a pet may be the perfect option. You have no idea how much love these beings can convey and how good they can make you feel. If you don’t have a pet, ask a friend to lend, or attend an animal shelter.

12. Make a list of the things you have already done

Everyone makes lists of “things to do”, but that can overwhelm you; Better write the ones you’ve already done. You can put things as simple as “brush my teeth,” “wash clothes,” “lay the bed,” “feed the cat.” No matter how small you have done, if you write it, you will see that you can use your time in many ways.

13. Have fun watching funny videos

Just play and let your laugh flow.

14. Change the environment

Doing the same things, in the same place, can be overwhelming for a long time. Get out of your comfort zone. If you have an office job, ask permission to do it somewhere else, a library or a cafe may be a good option. Or if you have the opportunity to go on a trip, do it. The best thing is that you can do things differently.

15. Allow yourself to feel bad

Not every day has to be good. You are allowed to take a day to feel like complete shit. Cry, shout, victimize yourself, feel miserable; But only one day. Then try to fix things. If you can’t at first, don’t give up. Getting out of trouble takes time. You just need to do it.