15 Situations that only those who have birthdays in December have experienced

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People born in December are beings condemned to spend their birthdays between inns, Christmas carols, and Christmas exchanges.

Throughout this season, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year are celebrated so celebrating your birthday becomes complicated, there are no double gifts, and you receive Christmas cards as congratulations. What else can happen to you? Here 15 situations that will make you hate even more the month you were born. Try not to become a Grinch.

15. Everyone is busy

While you organize your party, your friends are on vacation, celebrating Christmas, Halloween or have family commitments.

14. You receive too many Christmas cards

The worst thing is that even the congratulations on WhatsApp include Christmas emojis.

13. Do not expect to receive many gifts

Most have already spent every penny on Christmas presents. So your birthday presents are nowhere.

12. It is impossible to book at your favorite place

Everything is full! Hotels, restaurants, clubs, everything.

11. There is no cake on your birthday ???

Only refractories, full of apple salad.

10. Few remember your birthday

Everyone is busy in the holy month; nobody remembers that it’s your birthday month too.

9. Double gifts?

As we said, everyone is too spent, so birthday presents are Christmas gifts. It’s really sad, right?

8. If you receive a gift.

It is wrapped in Christmas paper, as everyone bought a lot of Christmas gift wrapping paper this month.

7. Your relatives want to be close to you

But you just want to drink and have a birthday in the club like any of your friends. To hell, the Christmas spirit!

6. You hate the phrase “how horrible to meet in December.”

Do you think I hadn’t noticed it?

5. You spend your birthday surrounded by Christmas decorations

No balloons, no confetti, no streamers. What you can see, Christmas or Halloween stuff all around.

4. Travel is not an option

In hotels, there is no space, and prices are for heaven.

3. You wish you were born in another month

Didn’t my parents see it coming?

2. You become the family Grinch

And they still advise you to remove that bitter face.

1. You expect next year to be different

Although deep down, you know that nothing will be different next year too.