15 Transformations of punk rock musicians; have changed a lot in the last 10 years

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The fashions we choose when we are teenagers are usually those that we end up regretting in our professional life. But there are others that will always have a little corner in our hearts.

So it was with emo fashion, with tubed pants, dark style makeup, colorful hair, and many butles. Apparently, all this has disappeared, and even the celebrities who made this movement great have changed their look and now look better than ever.

15. Brendon Urie

The vocalist of Panic! At the Disco, he went like the stylish man to becoming the sensual neighbor that you can’t see through the window.

14. Hayley Williams

Paramore’s vocalist cut her hair and let the edge grow. She looks beautiful.

13. Pete Wentz

Member of Fall Out Boy, he no longer has the red fringe, but he looks great with his hair combed back.

12. Gabe Saporta

The former Cobra Starship vocalist left behind his gold chain, but he still looks just as handsome.

11. Travis Clark

‘We the Kings’ vocalist changed his style and looked sexier than ever.

10. Jack Barakat

The All-Time Low member moved from the shirts to the bomber jackets and left a beard that will make you turn to see him twice.

9. Pierre Bouvier

The Simple Plan vocalist left his fringe and changed it for some funny spikes. His smile is still as pretty as ever.

8. Ryan Ross

Panic’s guitarist! At The Disco left his makeup, to grow his beard and change his look to a rougher one.

7. Patrick Stump

The Fall Out Boy singer put his sideburns, glasses, and beanies aside to become the sexiest man of a generation. We still cannot overcome his radical change.

6. Andy Hurley

The drummer of Fall Out Boy looks more elegant and mature than ever.

5. William Beckett

This vocalist changed his long wavy hair for a more mature style and a sensually shorter hair.

4. Ryan Key

The ex-vocalist of Yellowcard has not changed his style too much, but he is matured and looks more handsome.

3. Trace Cyrus

The former Metro Station leader cut his hair but still makes the same faces.

2. Gerard Way

The vocalist of My Chemical Romance put aside his black suit and eyeshadow for a more casual look of jeans and a t-shirt.

1. Mark Hoppus

Blink 182 left his hairstyle with high spikes to become a gentleman.