15 wonderful things about being close to your mother


The mother and daughter relationship is one of the most valuable in a woman’s life. Although for some, achieving a stable relationship with their mother sounds impossible, we must give ourselves the opportunity to know the wonderful part of finding an excellent friend in it.

For both of them, it is essential to maintain a good relationship and to be able to live in countless activities of daily life. In this list, you will find some of the best things about having a mother with whom you get along.

10. Mom’s support

It makes you feel safe being with your mom when you need her. She offers you tranquility and well-being when giving you advice or telling you words of encouragement. In short, she is your source of inspiration to achieve what you set out to do.

9. Confidence 

Your mother can give you the confidence to talk comfortably about any subject because you know she is interested in what happens to you. With her, you feel understood, and if you have any problems, do not hesitate to tell her.

8. Do you enjoy her company?

Without a doubt, it is pleasant to share moments, from having a coffee together to accompanying yourself in social events.

7. Role model

No wonder that because of the admiration and affection you have, you want to be like her and do many things as close as possible.

6. She knows what you like

She knows your tastes and understands your style, so she can advise you when you should choose what to wear, or make decisions for which you need her opinion.

5. In good times and in bad times

She is the first person that comes to mind to call when you have a problem or are happy.

4. Your best comfort

She always has words that will make you feel better after a failure or when you’re sad. Also, reserve a loving hug for you.

3. Always has time

No matter what time it is, or how busy she is, she finds a way to be by your side when you need it.

2. Learn things to be in touch with you

Although this involves using technology, and she is not an expert, she will learn to master text messages to write to you several times a day.

1. Mutual respect

However, remember: even if you get along great, and there is trust between you, your relationship with your mother should always be based on respect.


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