17-year-old swimmer disqualified because her swimsuit exposes too much

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A female swimmer from Alaska, in the United States, was disqualified in a collegiate competition in Anchorage because the referee who sanctioned the event considered that her swimsuit “expose too much,” although she wore the same uniform as the other athletes in the team it belongs to.

Breckynn Willis, 17, is a teenager of thick complexion, with dark skin features and tones that show her ethnic origin, so coach Lauren Langford accused racism and sexism of the person responsible for the sanction, and the institution to which the minor represents filed an appeal before the punishment.

Her body caused the swimsuit to discomfort

During the competition, the swimsuit slipped because Breckynn has a more curved body than most of her companions and, indeed, exposed more skin of her buttocks.

A supportive coach

Although not Willis’s coach, Lauren Langford, head of the West High School team, showed her annoyance at the referee’s decision through a blog post :

These young swimmers are not sanctioned because they use their tights scandalously or provocatively, but by their wide hips, their developed chest, and the dark complexion that distinguishes them from their slender and slender teammates, mostly pale.

Breckynn is one of the fastest swimmers in her state, after winning the 200 Individual Medley, her second win in the match, referee Jill Blackstone decided to disqualify her as she prepared for two more races.

According to his assessment, the way in which the swimsuit fit the athlete’s body constituted a “violation of the uniform”, even though it complied with the specifications of the regulation and the “modesty” standard set in it.

Measures that create tension and fear in athletes

Lauren Langford not only claimed Breckynn’s triumph but went further and denounced that she and her sisters are being judged not for the quality of their performances but their bodies; The youngest of them is one of the fastest swimming athletes in the history of the state of Alaska, who has shown her frustration at what happens:

The most heartbreaking thing is to hear that a young person who is fit, healthy and only tries to guarantee a better future for her through this sport, told her family and friends that she feels that the community tells her that her body is not Appropriate for competitive swimming.

Reason is imposed

After the Anchorage School District requested the restoration of Willis’ victory before the Alaska School Activities Association, the decision of the Blackstone referee was reversed, and the lost points were returned to the Dimond High School to which the girl represents.